The Militarization of Law Enforcement

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    continued at The Atlantic: How the War on Terror has Militarized the Police

    Barney Fife would have loved the current security state.

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    You correct on this sir that it was wrong. There is no reason for this that I can find. I do not condem them, but It is fishy that that 20 mill settlement was so easily obtained. Perhaps there are other things we do not know.

    On August 12, it was announced that the family of Jose Guerena filed an intention to sue the Pima County, Sheriff Dupnik, and all the officers who shot Guerena or were part of the raid, offering to settle for $20 million. The lawsuit cites that the officers acted with neligence when they failed to announce themselves and put Guerena's wife and son in danger, and willingly deprived Guerena of medical attention after he was shot, leading up to his death, and violated his civil rights. The lawyer for the family says the lawsuit is meant to hold those accountable for Guerena's death and send a message to officers who have unlawfully killed citizens. The lawyer for the officers, however, says that the lawsuit is only to cause more hysteria and the amount is excessive since the officers had already been cleared of wrongdoing.
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