The Military Industrial Complex in 5 Minutes

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    Please tell me this post is a joke.
    Mister Woods, bad dye job comb over,
    sitting in front of a phony plant and books he has never read lecturing and smacking his lips when he he thinks he has a point?
    The complex/ military relationship started with FDR.
    The first micro- manager of industrial warfare.
    -( some could make a rational argument that Abraham Lincoln was the first.)-
    Research ,
    Pan American airlines in South America in the 40's, and it's competition during WWII.
    FDR had his finger prints all over that.

    Mr.Woods gave only "scary" details-( some false)- in his video, not one solution.
    But, he did get to promote his book.

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    Love the sound clip.....short, to the point, clear, effective communication !!!! :thumbsup: