The Mouth of HATE SPEECH says something even more ridiculous on the AIR!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. The Other Side

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    The "alledged" mouth of the conservative party, RUSH LIMBAUGH has insulted all women in this country once again. This windbag who has been married and divorced three times, arrested, charged and convicted of drug charges wants to be the voice of the MORAL right of this country!

    What a joke. How he remains on the air is astounding. How he manages to twist the minds of his "ditto" drones is something right out of the twilight zone.

    Rush Limbaugh blasted for ‘slut’ comment - MJ Lee -

    Calling the women of this country Sluts and Prostitutes if they practice contraception is something that all citizens should be outraged over.

    As if his own wife isnt using contraception or any of the prostitutes he frequents doesnt use them.



  2. Monkey Butt

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    I'm still looking for your point about Obama in this thread. Did someone delete it?
  3. island1fox

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    The argument and statements were not about women using contraception. Lets be very clear ---It is about who pays for the contraception.
  4. The Other Side

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    WRONG. Try again. only this time, understand that his "WORDS" are memorialized on tape for all to hear.


  5. scratch

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    A law student can afford to go to Georgetown University, but wants taxpayers to provide her with free birth control? I find something seriously wrong with this.
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  6. moreluck

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    It's not about're wrong!!
  7. MrFedEx

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    Rush doesn't have sex with his wife (much to her relief), because she'd be a "slut" too. Besides, renting a shipyard crane to lower him on top of her was getting really expensive.
  8. av8torntn

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    If we follow the logic in the other thread this has to be a racist statement correct?
  9. The Other Side

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    Some say that RUSH himself is a form of contraception, as no woman would sleep with him.


  10. MrFedEx

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    Good try, but you're batting .000, as usual. It's amazing how the Right Wing brains "reasons". It's completely obvious, but you still deny it (the racist joke). Anything to protect the herd.
  11. island1fox

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    I am not defending nor attacking the comments made by Rush.

    But again lets be clear it is about who PAYS for the contraception. Quote "If we are going to PAY for her to have sex--What does that make her ?? --a prostitute ? a slut ? "

    That is not the way I would have presented this --but enough is enough. Pay for food stamps, pay for housing ,pay for cell phones, pay for healthcare, etc etc--now also pay for my education and for my contraception ???

    We have many seniors that cannot afford their meds --Obamacare taking 500 billion out of medicare to pay for "contraception " is rediculous.
  12. av8torntn

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    Are all extreme leftists racist or is it just you and MrFredex?
  13. av8torntn

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    I think if you worked at it you could let go of your hatred for the poor and extreme racist views and you possibly wouldn't be so bitter. It would take lots of work on your part but I think you'd feel better about yourself in the end.
  14. The Other Side

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    Island, RUSH not only offended every woman in this country, he offended every woman in civilized societies. He had NO RIGHT to denigrate Susan Flake for speaking on capitol hill on behalf of her fellow students at Georgetown and all college women nationwide. RUSH knows NOTHING about this young women, and to defend his actions no matter how slightly, is to take a position similiar to his.

    Limbaugh is an animal.

    With his track record, how can he possibly be the voice of the conservative Party? And if he isnt, why arent you denouncing his claims?

    Lets be clear on medicare, it was the republicans who asked for the cuts to medicare and Obama complied. The republicans are seeking greater cuts to medicare and social security again and yet you support the party.

    Why do you vote against yourself?

    There is a movement now to go after RUSH LImbaughs sponsors just as there was against Glen BECK. The campaign against BECK was a complete success, and I hope for the same results with Limbaugh. RUSH is a cancer to our society at large.

    PETITION: Tell Republicans to Denounce Rush Limbaugh's Cruel Tirade Against Women | DCCC

    Hopefully, he seeks out the same dealer that Brietbart dealt with.


  15. island1fox

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    You live in a "Liberal Blind" world. It is a fact that Obamacare cut five hundred billion out of Medicare. It was one of the major reasons AAPR sold out seniors because they sell very expensive medicare "gap" insurance.

    I fight for people who have worked their whole lives that are now placed in risk because of a "entitlement" spoiled , lazy society that expects everything to be given to them for "free" while working people struggle to make ends meet.

    It is easy to claim you want everything for free when someone else is paying for it including contraception.

    Spin Rush all you want --this is about who pays for contraception and entitlements. It is a very good move from the Axelrod political hacks in Chicago to sway back the womans vote in November for Obama. Take the focus off the real unemployment number and the sky high fuel prices.

    All UPS hard working people should know that there are many people who will not and won't work like you do. The Union members will fight the company for every penny to improve wages and benefits in the next contract. When you are retired and hit the age 65 you will find out that the Union and Company want nothing more to do with you. You are thrown into the Government Medicare system that the Liberals and Obama have stripped down to pay for all the people that have refused to work like you have your entire lives. Good luck with that.

    Reminds me again of the old movie"Wild in the Streets" Everything was good for the under 30's --when you hit thirty --watch out.

    No truth -no Peace.
  16. moreluck

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    ............"offended every woman in this country............" (TOS)

    Oh, now you're reading every woman in the country? Don't think so!!
  17. bbsam

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    Umm...Fat is not a race.
  18. The Other Side

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    Rick Santorum calls LIMBAUGH an ENTERTAINER, yet LIMBAUGH calls himself the "VOICE OF THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY" and refers to his show as the "institute for conservative studies", who is right??

    Santorum or Rush?

    If RUSH is the voice of the conservative party, then all the media should be airing his views on television and pointing out that he claims to speak for american conservatives.

    Rick Santorum called Limbaughs comments ABSURD and ridiculous.
    Santorum: Limbaugh 'entertainer,' comment 'absurd' - Yahoo! News

    I just love how the right wing has done a great job of hurting its own chances of winning the presidency in 2012, but now Limbaugh gives the GOP a HUGE BLACK EYE on this issue.

    Limbaugh just reminded America just how OUT OF TOUCH they are with the general public. The voice of the conservatives or as he calls himself, the leader of the conservative movement has only put himself into a position where he has to be "cast aside" by the establishment GOP or be tainted with his idiotic thoughts. All the GOP candidates have to distance themselves from Limbaugh and the value of a Limbaugh endorsement just went to ZERO.

    2012 will be remembered as the year the GOP shot itself in the face!


  19. Monkey Butt

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    Neither is legitimate criticism but MrFedEx, TOS and you call it racism.
  20. MrFedEx

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    How is suggesting that Limbaugh is a porcine beast "racism"? Pehaps you need to go back and get that GED.