the moving of the SPA labels

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  1. maybaby

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    Since we started using the SPA labels at my center, we (as preloaders) have had to remove the labels and place them on the package where the driver can see them. This works for me and my drivers, but now, within the last month, our "stupidvisor" has informed us we now have to write the sequence number from the label on the box....don't move the label anymore.....just write on the box. Do all the preloaders/package handlers at all the centers have to do this? Our supervisor told us that "the higher up" made this change. Who's that? and how do "they" know my writing is legible? How do "they" know this is the best way? My main question is, can I get in trouble or written up if I continue to move my labels and do not write the sequence number on the package? I know I should probably do what my supervisor says, but its too hard to change a habit you've been doing for years just like that, and besides the spa label is so much easier to read. Plus, by having the label where the driver can see it, its easier to put the package in order and its easier to spot a package that doesn't belong (I can catch a misload before I have one). I know this is a minor issue, but I'm not the only preloader who feels this way. Any advice or comment will be appreciated Thanks.
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    It's probably faster to just write it on the box than it is to try and pick at and peel off the label. But it's probably just a preload managers "new" idea and he wants to try something new to speed up the process.
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    cementups it isnt faster to just write... and maybaby they wanted our perloaders to do that as well but they tried it and walkins sky rocketed so they now let us do one or the other write or pull and stick.... so maybaby just ask if u can do both if not throw some walkins and then say c i told you.... writing is so lame casue if u load 1000 packages that will be 4000 numbers u will have to write in stead of peel 1000 labels
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    We were told the same at my center. I crayon the #'s if the label isn't loose or hanging off a corner (MUCH faster/easier to then remove and place on the visible side than crayoning). Never been into trying to peel the label off if it's not. Too slow for me.
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    Not hard to write them. Not hard to peel and apply. One is no better than the other IMO and besides, just work as directed. If it takes longer then they have to deal with their decisions. Just do your best!
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    As a driver I could care less about the PAL or the sequence number----just load them in the right spot and I will deliver them. It's just that simple. Too much time is wasted moving PAL labels or writing sequence, time that could be better spent on a quality load.
  7. 1000RR

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    Work as directed and watch the $$$$$$$ come in
  8. Jackburton

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    Put it directly over the package barcode like a few of our disgruntled preloaders do.
  9. bleedinbrown58

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    Trust me, it's much faster to peel and restick a label than carry a crayon in your hand to write #'s while loading....I can peel and move four labels in the time it would take me to dig the crayon out of my pocket.
  10. Cementups

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    ^ when I used to load and they forced to write numbers on the boxes, the crayon would never leave my hand. Even carrying boxes, it was in between my fingers ready to scribble.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Just had my first Orion ride today !

    After a half hour, all he could talk about is that my preloader is terrible and the load quality sucked.
    I mentioned all preload cared about was getting the boxes into the right car and that's it.
    If you can't find PAL 2000, and later find it on the wheel well later on, PEAK IS GONNA SUCK

    All drivers care about is the right package in the right area

    PS - To save time, if the PAL label says 5829, just right 58 with your crayon. That is more than enough effort for a driver
  12. PT Car Washer

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    Sounds like some really good advice there Heff.
  13. UPSGUY72

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    The writing of the number might just be a way to get the Pre loader to look twice at the label to prevent misload in my center every couple of months they write the numbers on the boxes for a couple of day then it goes back to just get the package in the right location in right car. Some of are preloader peel the pal label off and put where the driver can see it other don't. Some of are preloaders will put the package in order by number other have a hard time just getting the packages in the correct location and on the car. Then there are the times when they make a split route and everything get pal to a couple of section and the preloader is smart enough to spread on the packages so you have 3 sections empty and 5 stuffed full.
  14. PT Car Washer

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    A few years ago all the preloader had was an address on a box (no bar codes), a load chart and a crayon to write the sequence number. For the most part zero misloads everyday for weeks or months.
  15. upschuck

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    We don't have SPA labels anymore. They have hand printers that put the numbers directly on the box. Have no choice but to write with sharpee on side of boxes.

    I think that they should put scanners on the back of each car, and scan boxes on the way into each car, that would solve misloads, late w/c requests, and UDI's. Solve a bunch of irate customers.
  16. PT Car Washer

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    That would slow down the preload. Can't have that.
  17. maybaby

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    I miss those charts. I had most of my charts memorized and I had more control over my driver's stop count
  18. maybaby

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    thanks Heffernan

    That would be easier....thanks, I'll try it.
  19. maybaby

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    Thank you for your inputs, everyone. I appreciate it
  20. Dragon

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    Peeling Labels has never been the method on the preload.

    All my pre-loaders use crayons including the 20plus year pre-loaders and put the sequence number on the package.

    Instead of spending a lot of time pissing and moaning about it put your energy into doing it right.

    Some one mentioned put just 2 numbers, don't bother that's use less.

    WIFM pre-loader - when you put the 4 digit sequence/HIN number on the package you place it on the correct shelf. Next package is loaded in sequential order etc., less time looking to see where it goes. Load by the PAL do not make a custom load.

    WIFM - driver - checks EDD finds the package based on the sequence/HIN number. Spends less time searching and more time delivering.

    Oh you asked, can you get in trouble for not doing it. Absolutely