The Multiplier Effect

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    I think we're seeing a perfect example of this at FedEx Express as the system implodes under the weight of numerous bad decisions. DRA, outsourcing Call Centers, and on and on. Due to the volatile and dynamic nature of the overnight system, such decisions have a more pronounced effect than in more traditional industries.

    For example. If an aircraft from LAX misses the sort, the impact is felt throughout the system as thousands of customers have a disappointing FedEx experience. The DRAsaster has created chaos system-wide, as the company scrambles to get it right, costing major money, and further disappointing more customers. Maybe they'll eventually figure it out, but in the meantime, they need a tourniquet to stem the financial bleeding and systemic effects of trucks missing the plane,missed and/or late pickups etc.

    Compounding the problem is the now highly agitated customer who calls 1-800-GoFedEx and gets Juan, or Ignacio, or Zolbat on the line. First, none of these people have been adequately trained, so they won't be able to help the customer find their missing $750,000 part that has an assembly line and 200 workers completely idled. The customer will be placed on terminal hold while J, I, or Z passes the buck to some overworked dispatcher who now has to deal with this additional trace (not enough CSAs) in addition to trying to bypass DRA.

    Sit back and watch it all unfold. Highly entertaining. Thanks, Fred!!
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    All while the IT person with the 5 million dollar bonus for creating this situation plays his favorite Steve Miller Band song.
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    I hate dealing with our own customer service department. Either you get a foreigner and it is impossible to communicate with them without having both of you repeating every other sentence, or you get some pushy jackass out of Atlanta that insists on dumping the call on you because they've :censored2: the customer off and don't want to deal with them anymore.

    I have figured out a neat trick to deal with the jerks though; ask for their employee ID number. They will usually back way the hell down.
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    Some VP probably got a Five-Star Award and a huge bonus for suggesting Call Center outsourcing. For some products and services, outsourcing probably works. Not for overnight shipping where customers pay big money to ship something they consider vital. The FedEx corporate attitude is one of "We Don't Care, as long as it saves money".