The new contract and me.( a few questions)

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    Hello, let me start by saying, this is my first posting. Here is my story:
    I worked last peak season as a preloader. I was just hired back the other week for the same postion. I was told they wanted me to stay on year round this time. I agreed. I have been reading alot about the NEW CONTRACT. It now seems that if I didn't get my seniority by Aug.1 2008 ,I will have to wait a YEAR for the bennifits? Is this correct? Will my work I did last PEAK season count for time I actually worked for UPS? ( The hire date of Nov 2007 ) or will I be starting over with a fresh NEW hire date of Oct 2008? I guess the hire date of 2007 won't really matter when it come to the bennifits part that was changed,but I would still like my ( TIME SERVED ) for working last peak season.It was only for little over 1 month, but everyone know it was a HARD month. Any info would be great.

    P.S. This is a GREAT site.:peaceful:
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    Anyone hired after october is only temporary and that time is not included if you do get hired on permanently
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    For health benefits consult HR , you may not have to wait the year because of that Mass Health Law.
    An hours worked in 2007 do not count. When you left back then everything stopped.
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    Wrong, if he gets hired on permanently after the 1st of next year, his seniority date will revert back to the date he was just hired. The time worked last peak however does not count. I believe you have to be brought back within two months for the time count.
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    Yea thats what I meant :happy-very:
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    I believe the rules about peak season hires were rewritten a couple contracts back, but I'm pretty sure the time worked in '07 doesn't help you, unless the comment about MA state law has some validity. Anyway, the following crap is a significant part of why I voted against this contract:

    National Master, Article 22, Section 7 – Benefit Entitlements

    Part-time employees hired after August 1, 2008 will receive holidays, personal days and option days provided by any applicable Supplement, Rider, or Addendum no earlier than after one (1) year of active employment. This provision supersedes any provision on the same subject in any Supplement, Rider, or Addendum to the extent the provision makes holidays, personal days or option days available earlier than after one (1) year of service.
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