The New (Real) Face of Conservatism

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Amazing so many who claim to oppose the man in truth basically adhere and follow to what he is actually doing in contrast to the mythology they spread and believe. Not that "the man" doesn't help them by spinning up much of the mythology. Good ole Fox News is not just about keeping so-called conservatives in line with statist propaganda. If the so-called enemy calls him bad then we need look no further as he must be good! And what again about CNN and MSNBC?

    Reminds me of the US Military using UFO's as cover stories to hide advanced aircraft testing and whose gonna pass on the opportunity of believing those Sci-Fi "B" films of the 50's as some hidden message of what is actually true? How can championship wrestling have a villian unless one of the wrestlers is willing to help create the persona which helps hide the truth from the fans of what life is really like behind the curtain. The promoter then only has to write the script and we got us a game!

    Change the "D" behind his name to an "R" and you'll see what I mean. But then so would those in opposition change as well now seeing him as villian. You know, like the longstanding villian in the ring who stands watching some brutal scene with roaring crowd screaming and in that moment of ethical delimma, he steps away from the darkside and into the light and becomes the latest hero of the audience.

    Democrat/Republican, Colts/Saints, Crimson Tide/Longhorns, Earnhardt/Gordon, Yankees/Red Sox, Hulk Hogan/Andre the Giant, noticing a common thread yet? As the late Howard Zinn would rightly ask, whose interests are really being served in all of this? In the case of the democrats and republicans, the winners are always the same and the losers are always the same so again, what really is the difference?

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    you would have to be a conservative or possibly even own a conservative belief to fully understand us. Why not comment on something liberal? I really think its a topic you're more in tune with?

    Perhaps the marijuana party or the modern whig party, Objectionist party?

    In any case I thought I might comment so this thread would not be a total waste of brown cafe bandwidth.:)
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    Your self portrait does capture your best side.
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    wkmac, once you accept Doublethink you will be much happier :) .
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    I'm waiting to get a visit from PETA for picking on "dumb animals!"

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    PETA will only bother you if you have animals on a PITA!!
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    In the April 1st issue (no it's not an early joke) of The American Conservative, Patrick Deneen wrote an outstanding article entitled, "Counterfeiting Conservatism" and for those especially who still hold Paleo-Conservative beliefs in the mold of Garet Garrett/Russell Kirk/Barry Goldwater or a POV of State's Rights or 10th Amendment ideal for small local gov't, Patrick's piece IMO is a true must read. Hope you enjoy.