The number of hybrid drivers and protected jobs will be known well before we vote

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    The important numbers regarding the 22.4 major change in our contract will be disclosed to us before we vote.

    Since the union and UPS will already know the numbers on August 1st, there can be no way that they would not pass that on to the members.

    That concrete number will allow us to make an informed decision. The union should post the number of protected jobs and the maximum number of 22.4 jobs allowed in each Center. They should make this number available on the website, through the ups Rising app, through text , and the union propaganda sent to every member's house and through Union Stewart meetings before the PCMs, and post it on the union board and every building.
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  2. silenze

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    In centers with tue-sat drivers their jobs are not protected only the driver is protected.
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    Or one could look at the seniority list.
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    That would be perfect if I was the one who gets to interpret the contract. I don't, so the language is open to interpretation. It is not clear and concise.

    It would have been better written if the language had stated that no Tuesday through Saturday full-time driver jobs will be counted towards the protected jobs. Now that is not open to interpretation.

    As it is written now; it is open to interpretation and ups and the teamsters are not being forthright with the language.

    So the simple fix to the problem would be after August 1st to have the union inform all the employees in all the centers of how many protected jobs there are. And what their maximum number of 22.4 drivers would be per center. In writing. Easy peasy.
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    That’s good to know, guess I’ll be looking for the number 0 to get a yes vote.