The Package King's faithful Teamster

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    The Package King's faithful Teamster - Socialist Worker

    "I have no use for class warfare."
    --Dave Beck, Teamster general president, 1952-57

    DAVE BECK was an ambitious union politician who more than any other official in the history of the Teamsters was responsible for the union's cozy relationship with UPS for years. Beck is a largely forgotten figure in Teamster history these days, however. If he's remembered at all, it's for facilitating the rise of the more ambitious and ruthless Jimmy Hoffa and his Mafia cohorts into the leadership of the union.

    The first UPS drivers and package handlers were brought under a Teamster contract in the San Francisco Bay Area. Beck used his power to bring all UPSers on the West Coast into the Teamsters during that 1930s. From these small beginnings grew the enormous presence of UPSers inside the Teamsters--a literal "union within a union."
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    This was a great article , but the one before it(linked in the article) was even better.