The PE Dept does its part again...

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    The PE Dept has yet again failed our customers. Today I counted 50 drive housings on my inspection that needed cleaning. They have garbage in them to the extent you can't possibly tell if any packages are in them. Earlier in the week I was doing a PMI-10 on a unit and I took 2 and half garbage cans full of debris out of it before I could even begin to work. In the debris I found a package from 2004. What a joke! I mention these 50 because they have been that way for as long as I can remember and the PE management knows it, the porters know it and they don't care. Whatever! Better shared here than at the kitchen table. Have fun!:thumbdown
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    I came across a package in my car for a business I had already been to. Not in EDD, but PALd. Date on the PAL was June 28. They must clean those housings more often here....
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    I'm not sure exactly what you do, but if you were doing an inspection, it was probably scheduled. I would assume that the schedule is not every six years. I may be wrong.
    Follow me? Perhaps you missed them the last time you performed the inspection. Assuming that you did actually "inspect".
    Please explain why this is a failure on UPS PE management. Maybe PE Poop should make a comment. Oh, he's the OP...
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    I hate to sound judgmental, but shouldn't the package from 2004 have been discovered during the PMIs for the last 7 years? I thought PMI stood for Preventive Maintenance INSPECTION.
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    good question. my next one would be why he mentions the porters. Are they trained and certified to remove and clean out the guards?
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    This guy(s) is (are) phonies.
    As you both correctly noted, there is no way that this happened unless he and his predecessors blew off the PMI's and didn't actually look as they are paid and expected too.

    Or he's some FDX guy stirring the pot. I don't have to tell you why. (within)
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    Yea what the you know what I started a pepro pepoop conspiracy thread that got the ax but I think they are the same poster. This gives me an idea for an alter ego for myself.
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    I/You/Us/Them agree....

    Go Orange Team!!!
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    PE Pro/Poop.........Thanks for doing the job that you are paid to do.
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    Ha Ha.... Maybe!! :happy-very:
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    Tie, porters are lockout certified and do, depending on district, etc. Clean guards. Most mechanics would have said 'guard' or 'frame' instead of housing though. There are weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual PMIs, not to mention DECRs, that this should / would have been caught on. Pepro, if things are as bad as you say - can you give me a district, if not a hub, to follow up with. PM would be ok.
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    What is your opinion as to how this situation A. Can get so bad. B Can be allowed to remain this way for an indefinite period of time. Isn't PTCC inspections and drive cleaning frequencies supposed to prevent this ? Could it possible be that someone is not doing their job??:dont_know:
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    I know. It's you!! You're not doing your job.