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    Here's "The Plan". Feel free to disagree, but take a minute and consider the following:

    1. Only management and pilots really matter. Everyone else is disposable.

    2. Create pay and retirement plans that conform with #1 above.

    3. Do everything possible to avoid unionization. Buy politicians, create restrictive workplace rules that keep union reps off the premises, and plaster every nook and cranny with company "information" and propaganda. Fred spent $25 million during the past election cycle to save himself hundreds of millions in the long run. That's money straight out of your pocket, or didn't you realize that?

    4. Invent a company culture that pretends to be a meritocracy and then shove it down employee's throats at every opportunity that "hard work is recognized" (and rewarded) at FedEx. Not exactly. Your hard work is rewarded with more of the same.

    5. Terminate anyone who disagrees with the previously mentioned culture by whatever means or not.

    6. Endlessly push the phony ideal of "safety" while knowingly pushing employees to or above their "safe" limits to increase productivity and profits. Anyone happen to notice that serious accidents are way up lately? When you send someone on the road at 25-30% over goal, bad things happen...for a reason. What do a few dead or maimed couriers mean anyway? Profits are all that matters.

    7. Eliminate injured or sick employees as quickly as possible. If there is any way the employee can be blamed or charged with fault, do so to save the company money and reduce future liability. If you don't, you will be eliminated yourself as a manager.Conform..or else.

    8. Pretend the company has a "people culture", and promote it at every opportunity. In the meantime, do everything possible from a corporate standpoint to cut labor costs and benefits to the bone. Choose an insurance carrier that will do anything to avoid paying a claim, and make employees justify any medical expense by putting them through a maze of voicemail Hell, where the ultimate goal is to deny as much medical, dental, or mental health treatment as possible.

    9. Provide the bare minimum of resources possible to train new employees, since most of them will either quit or move to a better job at first opportunity. When they fail, eliminate them quickly instead of wasting time and money re-training them correctly.

    10. Promote managers who value political skills and chicanery above operational ability and aptitude. Poor couriers that lie without conscience, yell and scream at others for issues caused by their own incompetence, and are generally not very bright make the best candidates. Blame others whenever possible, and if you protect the moron that is your senior manager, you will have a bright future ahead of you at FedEx.

    11. Tell employees to live a "balanced life", and then create policies and procedures that make it impossible to do "operational necessity".

    12. Keep as many employees as possible part-time. Abuse them and keep them hungry so they'll be a flexible and cheap alternative to hiring more full-time workers. Offer the carrot of "future opportunities" if they do good work. If they work hard, give them more to do, but don't create any more full-time positions than necessary.

    13. Pretend Fred Smith didn't slavishly copy UPS at every opportunity.

    14. Remember..."We're an airline".

    15. Create an army of lawyers and lobbyists who can make all of the above happen every day. WalMart has nothing on these cretins.

    And so much more....
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    Amen!! Brother from another mother!!
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    I think I like that plan.
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    Bottom line, profits and stock price. That's what it's all about. And while FedEx has been ahead of the curve for some years now, fact is that most American corporations have been trending this way. And a disastrous economy works to their advantage. Plenty of unemployed who'd take your place in a heartbeat. Plenty of employed in low paying jobs would too. Years ago there was a meeting of CEO's in Idaho that the press wasn't allowed to cover but was on the news that several hundred attended. I'm beginning to think there was some kind of agreement to push out unions and strip benefits. I'd say the most effective way to fight back is to refuse to buy these companies' goods and services but there are few alternatives to what they offer. So they have us pretty much where they want us. And now FedEx is getting us ever nearer to the substandard pay of companies like Walmart, only paying a little more because if they didn't, with all the hassles of courier work, they'd lose too many people if they didn't pay better. I've been reading about life in 3rd world countries for some time now. Families live 3 or 4 generations to a house with everyone contributing to just get by. For most families forget about having a car. Most use public transportation of some sort. That even includes rural areas where people ride in old U.S. schoolbusses that imported in. That doesn't mean they don't have malls, movie theaters, etc. Those are supported by a ruling class that does very well off the backs of the majority. And that appears to be the way we are headed.
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    Such as #16 Wear pointy aluminum foil hat

    Ok, I know that's an exaggeration but in response to #1 and #2, most managers don't make that much money and certainly don't have any different retirement plan than all hourly employees.
    #7 I know a few employees who have been out for at least a couple of years and they are just the ones that I know locally. I have no idea how many there are nationwide.
    #8 Working on my taxes and my family spent about $8k in medical costs this year. FedEx paid the rest of the approximately $90k. I didn't have to fight for 99% of that. And that $90k is the negotiated amount. The billed amount would have been closer to $150k. My situation, I'm guessing, isn't the normal for most people although I'm sure there are plenty out there that are similar. Some paid less and some paid more. The point is that I'd rather have FedEx pay $82k for me than a few dollars more an hour to me. Would I like both? Absolutely but I'm not naive enough to think that's going to happen. It's a group plan so thanks to all of you who didn't get sick and gave up a few dollars so my family could get the medical treatment needed. And I'm very sincere when I say that. I realize the hardship people go through when they are trying to swim upstream through the pay scale.
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    Well I would like to personally thank all of you for providing my family with medical through your tax dollars. Its to bad I work at a company who would like to run me like a employee only when it benefits them. However the rest of you can take care of their workfoce. MFE your post sounds spot on
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    I'm sorry we live in a country that thinks business must pick up the medical tab. We're better than that.
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    Mr. FDX,
    With all due respect, it absolutely amazes me how much time and effort you put into writing up such stuff.
    Aren't you getting tired of saying the same things over and over and over on this board?
    Doesn't your wife have a list of honey-dos for you to do around the house? Like mine?
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    My bad bbsam your right.. How about Foodstamps then because we don't make a decent living working for this place to feed our families. So in short Thank You Guys for suppling my family through your tax dollars with over 700 a month in Food Stamps sorry I cant do more working FULL TIME.:surprised:
  11. bbsam

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    I am right, but not for the reasons you suggest. Go back and research the history of such benefits and when you can post intelligently, maybe we can have a discussion.
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    Does FedEx pay that or does our insurance provider?

    And do you really appreciate how much we struggle? You've asked me several times in the past if I really felt that I deserve as much as you seeing as how you've got more years in than me. Point is that we are NEVER going to get the same deal as you got, and working 25 to 30 years to finally catch your top pay won't provide us with the life that you feel blessed to be a part of. Nice to know you care though!
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    HAHAHA you make me laugh bbsam.. How about this when its mandated for all Contractors to pay fair days wage for a fair days work maybe then and only then we can have a intelligent conversation. The money I recieve comes from taxpayers dollars and if this place wasn't a scam and provided a decent wage for the employees who make them a billion dollar company we would not be having this conversation would we. Just something for you to remember the next time your taxes get raised.
  14. bbsam

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    Ok. So you work for a scam. Congrats. Not too bright I would think, but congrats none the less. And as a taxpayer myself, you are welcome.
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    I thank you and my kids thank you.
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    #17 Rely on employees who still believe in the fallacy of PSP to see things through rose-colored glasses instead of the way they really are.

    No pointy tinfoil cap required to see reality here. Perhaps they're required attire on your planet.
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    It took me 5 minutes to write that. I have to write the same things repeatedly because I get the same dumb statements from the "believers".
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    Let's see. Until Reagan and his followers began busting-up the unions and gutting the middle class, medical benefits were common and expected. "We're better than that" is garbage, and you know it. You let the rest of us pay defacto benefits for your employees who cannot afford them. When one of your drivers has to go to the ER because they don't have benefits, people like me pickup the tab. Instead of having a $100 doctor bill, we all get to chip-in for the $1000 bill from the ER.

    As I've said before, Ground gets a free taxpayer subsidy because they pay crap wages and have no benefits for most employees. We makeup the difference so you can go car shopping and new vehicle shopping with your extra income. You build your business (and so does Fred) at taxpayer expense.

    See Mr 7? That's why I have to repeat myself.
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    5 mins. to write but, how much time did you spend, prior, thinking up 17 points?
    Seriously, I know you're an intelligent person and, everything you say is true but, c'mon, don't you have better things to do with your time?
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    14. Remember...."we're an airline"

    Just ignore all semi's you see on the road cause we're an airline and while you're at it ignore the delivery vehicles you see out on the road too 'cause we're an airline.

    By the way no couriers allowed within 500 feet of an aiplane, 'cause remember we're an airline.

    Fred can sure talk out his ass. What a talented guy.