The " Politics " of Bin Laden.... NOT A CELEBRATION Thread!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, May 4, 2011.

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    While we all can celebrate in one way or the other over the death of Usama Bin Laden, it can be said that "we" all have a different political perspective on his "involvement", "hiding", "Search" and "Death".

    Since another member felt the need to congratulate Former President Bush for the capture and death of Usama Bin Laden, I felt the need to dispell the kudos.

    Lets start at the begining, 911 happens, The Bush administration vows revenge for the horrific attack and uses a catch slogan in the process.

    This phrase became the montra for everyone of the Bush administrations cabinet officials including Dick Cheney.

    "Smoke em out".....was repeated over and over. Afghanistan was where Bush wanted to lay out all his cards. Everyone in his administration was convinced Usama Bid Laden was hiding there. But was he?

    Hundreds of millions of dollars in personnel, equiptment and resources were poured into that country. Democrats warned about going into afghanistan because there was NO PROOF that Bin Laden was even in that country.

    Early intelligence suggested Bin Laden was either hiding in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

    The Bush administration made it a point to convince americans that afghanistan was where we needed to fight the "war on terror".

    Year after year passed and not one sign of Bin Laden (2002-2008) In the meantime, Bush invades another country and leaves afghanistan under staffed and under resourced.

    Despite all the "smoke em out" rhetoric, nothing was gained in afghanistan other than we got to see purple ink on fingers as the operation transformed into nation building vs a hunt for the number 1 enemy of the state.

    6 years passed, 1 trillion dollars spent and Bush left office no closer to Bin Laden than when he suggested going after him.

    The only thing he managed to "kill" in the process, was our economy, wall street, the housing market, employment, oil prices and New Orleans.

    Intelligence presented to the Bush administration suggested in 2005 that Bin Laden was in Pakistan, but Bush refused to invest ONE DIME into that option, But why?

    In the 2008 campaign for the presidency, then senator Obamas position on the wars was simple. IRAQ and Afghanistan was a big waste of time, effort, energy and LIVES.

    He stated over and over for months, that if elected president, he would end both wars and put the efforts and energy into pakistan, where he believed Usama Bin Laden was hiding.

    Everyone on the right , from Cheney, to Rove, to Condolezza Rice to all the right wing senators and congressmen said that OBAMA WAS NUTS.

    ON fox news, every republican who could get in front of the microphone stated that Obama knew nothing about war or leading a military. They ALL criticized Obama for stating that he would go into Pakistan and search for Bin Laden.

    They all said it was "CrazyTalk" by Obama, because Pakistan was an ally. Peter King, and John McCain said attacking or going into Pakistan was foolish because Pakistan was "helping" the U.S. in the war on terror.

    The closer to the Nov 2008 election, the louder the Bush Administration and the republicans grew to calling Obama foolish for suggesting going into Pakistan to find Usama. Barack Obama stuck to his guns and promised america despite the objections of the republicans, he would in fact look in Pakistan while the Bush administration and republicans countered that Bin Laden was in a cave in afghanistan.

    Well, here we are in 2011, Barack Obama ended the Iraq war, is ending the Afghan war and SURPRISE....he found and killed Usama Bin Laden in Pakistan just like he said he would during his campaign.

    How is it, that Bush spent 6 years in afghanistan and found NOTHING and Obama took 2 years to capture and kill him?

    Why did we waste so many soldiers lives and US taxpayers dollars in afghanistan when Bin Laden was in Pakistan this whole time?

    Sources in the intelligence community said today, its likely he's been in Pakistan for 6 YEARS!

    Obama said before he was president where he'd go to find him, Bush called him "naive" and Obama went on to do what GW Bush failed to do.

    We lost over 9000 military people both men and women in two countries in wars that had no purpose. Having soldiers in the mountains of afghanistan looking under every rock and cave for someone who wasnt even close cost our economy trillions of dollars.

    I ask, why praise Bush? I think a simple thank you to Obama is in order.

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    If you want to see what a waste of time, effort, money and lives the Afghanistan war is, check out a documentary called "RESTREPO".

    National Geograhic goes with an army team for a 15 month tour of Afghanistan. The unit gets deployed to the Korengal Valley, one of the deadliest places for US Soldiers. This is real footage, captured with the unit, its a heartbreaking movie, showing what it is really like in a war zone. In the end, you will see what a waste of time the whole excersize is. Judge for yourselves.


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    But bhos is also at fault. He had the power to stop both wars and bring all the troops home. But decided to continue and increase the number of troops on the ground, plus start a third war.
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    The surge was intended to bring an end to the war.
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    If you keep believing Obama started a 3rd war, while the UN, Europeans, and even the Arabic Nations, requested American assistance, then I'm going to soon believe the USA started WW1 and WW2, too !
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    Obama's gonna be out there running his victory lap at ground zero this morning..... His bump in the polls will not stay because it all comes back to the economy and he still stinks at that.

    Osama is just one man.......plenty of idiots to jump up and take his place and try to get revenge.........yeah, just place all your trust in Obama's people like Janet Napolitano......feel safer now ?
    Thanks George !
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    The record is clear The facts are facts. George W. Bush FAILED in his war on terror. He attacked two countries for reasons that BOTH in hindsight proved to be wrong. In Iraq, the premise was weapons of mass destruction. Over and over, Bush told america that weapons of mass destruction existed and an "imminent" threat existed. From yellow cake to "24 hours before Saddam launched an attack" the scare tactic was used to convince this nation to go to war. Bush's own hand picked weapons inspector quits (David Kay) and apologizes to the USA for the claims of weapons of mass destructon when he descovered it was a ruse.

    Another transition takes place and we go from weapons of mass destruction to purple ink on fingers. Sure, some non threats were killed, Saddam, his sons, al-zarkawi and 250 thousand civilians, but what was gained? We lost over 5000 military personnel there and 1 trillion dollars. We spent 100 million dollars on war reparations for all the (MY BAD's) and the country is no better off today than it was when we invaded.

    In Afghanistan, we went to war there first and the onjective was to capture Usama Bin Laden. Millions of dollars of tax payer money was spent wrecklessly entering this country. Our military would never know that it was on a mission that had zero chance of completing. Usama Bin Laden was not there.

    The former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto, said in 2004 that she believed that usama bin laden was somewhere in pakistan living in an expensive villa. George Bush IGNORED this statement.

    What did she know before her death???? Who killed her? Was she silenced?

    There are tons of questions surrounding her death. Was she going to expose usama to the U.S. and usama had her killed? She went on record saying that if she was to be assasinated, either usama or the isi who protects usama would kill her. She ended up dead.

    But what about Afghanistan? What was accomplished there? Over 2500 military lives lost and billions of dollars in equiptment lost. Our finest soldiers killed in the mountains of that ch*thole looking for a ghost.

    I as an american, am angry that we went to a country on a hoax and lost our finest men and women or brought home those finest in the worst mental conditions that could ever be created. And for what? So we could see purple ink on fingers? Or, so that they could be killed by the very people they are training to take over that country?

    The mission there was simple, distract america while contractors and american defense industries made millions of dollars.

    Two wars, two failures. Almost 2 trillion dollars spent and unpaid, thousands of serious injuries to our service members. An economy wrecked and a recession created in sept 2007 that has lasted almost 5 years. 9 years of these wars and damaged to our country unseen snce the great depression.

    Obama comes in, and in 2 years and for less than a million dollars for one mission, kills the leader of AL Qaeda without a single loss of an american life.

    From a political perspective, who is the best leader on the war on terror?

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    It must really hurt to see Obama succeed when your horse came in last.

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    Its amazing how people repeat what they hear on right wing tv and radio relating to 'three wars".. Congress NEVER declared war on IRAQ, Congress NEVER declared war on Afghanistan and Congress NEVER declared war on Libya.

    How could Obama have started a "War" that was never declared?

    Propaganda can be funny, ......when its right wing nonsense.

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    You forgot the war the Bush "started" against Yugoslavia, too !

    I do have to give Canada and the Europeans credit.
    If they go into a peace mission, nowhere is to be read or listened to, that they are at war.

    They are simply there to save lives and humanity, and to protect those foreign citizens.

    But, if Americans like Baba, want to keep the US as a known war hungry nation, then keep promoting them as wars , if that makes him happy.
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    .."How could Obama have started a "War" that was never declared?"............
    Just like he became president without any qualifications. He's a 'smoke & mirror' expert!

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    My "horse" didn't run.....or haven't you heard, 8 years is all anybody gets? I see a light at the end of the tunnel for your "horse" thank God!
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    Obama is suppose to lay a wreath at the WTC today.........I have it emblazoned on my brain when years ago he was suppose to place a long stemmed flower on a site and he pitched it looking like a punk ass. I will never forget that image, ever!!
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    Thank God, he didn't say a word !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Whether you want to admit or not, Bush got the ball rolling in the search for OBL, and it was Bush who should get the credit. Obama only had to make the decision to execute a mission planned on the intelligence gathered from the intelligence network setup by Bush during his years. Other than looking concerned in a staged photo Obama has not contributed to this success in the war on terror.
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    Wrong, Bush apologist. Your favorite Prez abandoned the search for bin Laden in 2005 when he cut funding for the hunt. He openly spoke of "not worrying" about Osama. Like everything else, the moron Bush dropped the ball. Too bad Obama had to pick it up for him and score the touchdown. Barack has too much class to spike the ball, unlike Bush and his "Mission Accomplished" stunt on the aircraft carrier.

    Is stupid contagious over there on the Right?
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    NeNe and Star, just stop it !!
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    I got 20 bucks on NeNe...thats one huge woman.:funny: