The Power of WAD

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, May 23, 2013.

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    Work As Directed (WAD) is an incredible tool we all can use to our advantage. Remember, just WAD, even if what they are asking you to do is beyond stupidity. If your manager asks you to take out 30 additional stops...WAD, and bring back 20 DEX01's and have a ton of lates. If they require a 2 hour split...take it, and eat the money. The magic of WAD is that when you come off break at 1600 or so, then you have no time for pickups. WAD, use the power you have been given to be just as dumb as they are. Except that when you WAD, the sheet sticks to them, not you.
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    I like this thinking !! Gonna do it from now on!! They do not listen to us who knows more about the route than the person running it? They are all idiots how they manage blindly. Dont take our input..I know how to run my route better and efficiently than the DRA cant believe a fortune what is it now 100 or 200 company does not value its employees opinion!!!!
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    Exactly. Remember, don't blow your WAD. Use your WAD.