The Preload.....same in other facilities?

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    I was wondering if the short 3.5 hour preload in other facilities is anyway similar to what occurs at ours? I've been with UPS for a year now and I load four cars in 3.5 hours with and average total package count of 800 - 850 shipments. Lately, the number has ballooned up to 950 - 1000. I have to say that I am in great physical condition, but I barely can keep pace with that volume. I look across at my coworkers only to see them making massive piles behind their package cars or loading the packages "John Elway" style.
    So my question(s) is/are:
    A: Is this the norm for any 3.5 hour preload across the board at all of the UPS facilities?
    B: Is my facility completely out of control and numbers driven by upper mgmt.?
    C: Am I just too old and slow nowadays?
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    My facility is 4 cars/loader, 5 hour shift, generally anywhere from 1200-2000 per section. Just remember that it all has to be loaded by a certain time, so if you find yourself needing help at the end of the day they will lecture and whoop and holler about a bunch of malarky, but they will send someone or several to help you.

    My line is so great in that we don't even have to ask since everyone works as a team and helps without being told.
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    Says the guy who never worked pre-load.
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    Stacking out behind the trucks is the norm. I get about 3 and a half to 4 hours. Time is different depending on the building and what volume it gets. Don't worry people who keep up with the flow and don't stack out are the ones who get screwed over the most. They always get the extra cars or asked to help the person who is stacking out. Numbers are mostly upper mangement driven. However your in the union, I am guessing so you do what you can do. Honest days work for an honest days pay.
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    He may have not worked preload. But, he describes my facility to the "T".
    I'm no spring chicken. So, regardless of time allotments, volume or PPH quotas, I load 3 cars and average around 200 pph - correctly and accurately.
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    Volume is up my building is projecting 35 to 36k and every day we are hitting 40k drivers leave 20 to 40mins late every day. No one can say why the volume is so high, last year we were running 33 34k high volume this time of year.
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    Do you misload? I would do the job by the methods which will get you more than three and a half hours and go drop a deuce in the morning to stay regular and healthy.
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    In the past I've been told that most Preloaders average 4 hours. I've seen reports for my district, and the average is near 4 but people who work in the unload/small sort generall work less and people who load more.
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    That has been my experience also.
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    I worked on preload. I stacked out all the time. I took my time and got more than 3.5 hrs. which is just minimum amount.
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    It sounds like your in a out-lining center where people do what they want to. Just throw everything in there. It's not your problem. It will be when/if you want to be a driver. When is the last time you seen a BA at your building?