The right wing SPIN on the burning of the Koran in Afghanistan.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Feb 27, 2012.

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    Its amazing how the right wing is using the burning of the Koran as a "tool" to strike points in an election. First, lets dispence with the claim by the right wing that the burning of the Korans were a "MISTAKE".

    This was NO MISTAKE. It was deliberate and it was idiotic. I heard Megyn Kelly this morning on FOX say the Korans were being used to send JIHADIST messages and had to be destroyed.

    SERIOUSLY? How does SHE know this?

    The US Military itself said it "SUSPECTED" that messages were being written into the KORANS in the detention facility and there was NO MENTION of the term "JIHADIST" messages by our own military, so why would FOX EXAGGERATE the claim?

    Books dont get accidentally burn. Nobody mistakenly pours gasoline over a pile of books in the middle of a street and mistakenly strikes a match and sets those books on fire. Clearly, this was handled all wrong and people are now getting killed over it.

    Someone in charge who gave this order needs to be fired and anyone connected with it needs to be disciplined.

    We are in a hostile A.O. and burning a stack of KORANS was simply, STUPID.


  2. Monkey Butt

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    I've read this 3 times and I can't find anything to disagree with ... something is wrong here!

    Could have said that the US or the UN should not be there either. It's been over 10 years!
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    Amazingly, I find humor with the right wing spin on afghanistan and the presidents apology. Little do they remember how many times BUSH had to apologize for actions of our military during the initial invasion of afghanistan and Iraq.

    Bush Apologizes for Iraqi Prisoner Abuse | Fox News

    In the biggest hypocrisy of this story, fox news, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and other GOP talking heads all say OBAMA should not have apologized for the Koran incident, yet, in a similar situation with George W. Bush, they supported BUSH apologizing for an incident involving the Koran and our military.

    How quick they change their positions in order to pin back the ears of the faithful listeners who have it on in the background just for noise.

    President Bush Apologizes to Iraq Over Quran Incident : Blog Of The Nation : NPR

    ""Finally, President Bush called Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Tuesday to apologize and promised that the solider would be prosecuted for using the Quran as target practice.""

    Fox news and the C9 may have short memories, but I dont.


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    I am still stuck on the words "watching Fox News"
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    Congrats, that's something that's not short. :consoling:


  6. bbsam

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    What I find discordant is the right upset at an apology. Even if it was a mistake (I doubt) it is still proper to apologize.
  7. moreluck

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    As you can see, the apology is not enough!!! Many of us knew it wouldn't be enough !! Now they want the soldiers tried and probably hung or shot. They will never be satisfied !!! You can't appease nuts! All you can do is leave them to their own demise.
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    Then why don't you take your own advice and leave TOS and bbsam alone? :youreright:
  9. bbsam

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    We do not apologize because it will be accepted. We do it because we were wrong. Why is that so hard for some to understand? I expect my 6"business year old to shrink from apologizing because he is embarrassed. Is the right just a bunch of grade school crybabies?-
  10. moreluck

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    We apologize to people all the parking lots, in the store , on the road.......nobody we apologize to will say " put your neck on this table, so I can cut your head off!!" That's the diff!!
  11. bbsam

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    Did I suggest we appease those calling for blood? No, I did not. Their reactions do not dictate our actions. We will handle whatever occurred through the proper channels. That's how grown ups do things.
  12. trplnkl

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    It's amazing to me that TOS comes on here makes all kinds of statements that are backed up by nothing but more ranting. How does Kelly Megan know anything? She has people that help with material and sources just like any other news spoke person, how much verifying of information is done is not known by TOS yet he claims to know ALL THE FACTS. HAHAHAHA, where did YOU get all this inside information? What are your sources TOS??? I'm sure it was probably Rachael or Keith, because they know the whole truth about everything. Oh, and they would never ever twist the facts, would they? HAHAHA.

    The burning of the Korans in a public display, on purpose or accident, was wrong. There are ways to get rid of them without causing an international incident. I don't think that an official apology to the muslim people was wrong, a waste of time and energy but not wrong.

    As far as a trial and/or punishment determined by anyone other than Jag is out of the question. Regardless of what the soldiers did they have a chain of command that should be followed. Regardless of who ordered or OKed the event, the commanders there work for and are appointed to their positions by the PotUS's appointed SoD.
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    Doing the right thing is never a waste of time and energy.
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    Here's the problem: Megyn Kelly knows NOTHING, she merely reads the prompter in front of her, and the SPIN doctors provide the exaggeration that she is suppose to broadcast. Why is FOX news the only source claiming that "jihadist" messages were being written and passed around in Korans?

    The US military wont even stretch the truth that far, but MEGYN KELLLY did.

    Did she write the material, of course not, shes not that bright. Shes not a newscaster, shes a talking head who only broadcasts the daily message as it scrolls up on the monitor she stares at for ONE HOUR.

    Its no surprise that FOX news is trying to exaggerate this story. It fits the dialog they are trying to purport.

    In Iraq, a US Sniper uses Korans as target practice and gets caught, and BUSH has to apologize for desecrating the KORAN, FOX news was cool with that apology and so were everyone of those knuckleheads speaking out against OBAMA apologizing to Karzai.

    You dont have to know "secret" information to seek out the truth.

    Blondes in short skirts without nylons DONT capture my attention to the point where I believe what they say.

    I hope the president disciplines every person involved in this Koran scenario upto and including discharge.


  15. trplnkl

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    I still see nothing backing up what you are spewing. No contradictory statements from anyone but you. I've never said this story was true, but you have said it isn't. So what do you form your opinions on other than your zeal to trash Fox News et al ?

    I have a 555 news flash for ya. Just because Rachel and Kieth don't tell it, doesn't make it untrue.
    If this story is a lie, you should be able to prove it.
  16. moreluck

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    (Washington Times) — The Pentagon said Tuesday that a joint NATO-Afghan investigation into the burning of Korans at Bagram Air Field has been completed.

    The investigation found that the “disposal process” of the Korans was improper but was not a malicious act intended to show disrespect for Afghans or Islam.

    The probe was conducted by the International Security Assistance Force and the Afghan Ministry of Defense.

    “It did find that there were some U.S. personnel who did improperly treat these religious texts, including some of their supervisory personnel,” said Navy Capt. John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman. “And it recommended that they be reviewed for potential disciplinary action.”

    The Korans ended up in an incinerator after Afghan prisoners were found using the holy books to pass messages to one another.