The Scam Is Starting To Unravel

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    While the stock may be up, the waters are about to start getting rough for Fred. First, FedEx Freight is starting to organize, and that is a huge deal. Second, Express employees are fighting back. I'm aware of several CSA sickouts in stations where the couriers are getting the 15% bribe to stay-on through Peak. Other employee groups are also fighting back in an organized fashion with slowdowns, sickouts, and efforts to get people off the Kool-Aid and into discussion of organizing. Third, the mechanics and RTDs are beginning to get angry...very angry. Like the pilots, they are relatively small workgroups with the power to disrupt operations on a large scale. Fourth, operations are falling apart. For example, my station which is 20 people short, is shipping couriers to assist a neighboring station, which is 40 people down. What does that say about how things are going? Fifth, word is out that you do NOT want to work for FedEx. That trumps everything else, because there simply aren't enough people to deliver the freight, and it all spirals down into a ball of flame from there. Customers will finally get the message and turn away from Express in droves. There are going to be huge numbers of packages that are nowhere near being delivered on Christmas.

    My goal(s) at this site have always focused on 2 things: exposing this company for the fraud that it is, and encouraging unionization as the only real means of fighting Fred Smith. It appears now that the tide is staring to turn towards us. Once Freight is organized, the Teamsters are finally going to go after Express, because it is so bad now that even the RLA isn't going to protect Smith.

    FedEx is like a shiny red apple, sitting there glistening under the store lights. But under the skin, it's completely rotten, and unfit for consumption. Slowly but surely, that skin of lies is coming apart. This Peak will be the last straw, because it's going to be so bad that the media will finally dig-in....deep. They're already sniffing around the edges, and when operations implode in December, the lid will be off. People have finally had enough shat, and they're willing to do something about it, whether that be WAD, calling-in sick, writing-up an aircraft, or parking a CTV at the side of the road with a "breakdown".

    The "insurance" is also going to be exposed as employees reveal how much they're spending on premiums for coverage they cannot use or going broke trying to pay their ridiculous portion of the costs. Fred Smith has effectively reduced everyone's wages with this incredible scam.

    The Bates Hotel that FedEx has become can no longer hide it's ugly secrets. "Norman" Smith is about to come into the light of reality.
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    And with every decision Memphis makes the customer gets the screws turn a little bit tighter each time.

    Why the majority of them keep putting up with it is a mystery but the cracks in the dam are definitely getting bigger.
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    I think the Kansas ruling that is mentioned as a "body blow" was for the IC model not the ISP. Good article though, the profiled contractor sounds a bit rough to work for. The only bonus his guys get is over 150 stops, I hope that's HD. And how did he get so big without being able to read?
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  6. Shifting Contents

    Shifting Contents Most Help Needed

    That guy milio in the article is a putz. Lives a nice house with 2 jet skis while his subs live pay check to pay check. All the while bragging about how hard he worked to get there when really his subs got him there!

    What a putz.
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    I know a couple of guys like that who have routes in my area. They're taking trips over seas at least 3 times a year, meanwhile, their workers are barely scrapping by. One driver has a kid who has Downs and is living literally off credit. He is one slip or fall from absolute ruin, yet when he asked his boss if he would ever consider benefits for his drivers, he said he couldn't afford it. Pulling in North of $195000/year yet he can't afford to give his drivers basic health benefits.
  8. SuperHandler

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    Sir, that speech almost made me cry. I'm thinking Teamsters will recruit you to deliver speeches at hubs.
  9. EffOff

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    Everybody working in FedExOffice DDP/CCP (Production Centers) needs to unionize immediately. We're working in a manufacturing unit - Fedex is even blatantly describing it as such - but we're all being paid as if we're merely retail workers. Check out the comments of this former Center Manager from California if you don't believe me:

    “Manufacturing job treated like retail. ”

    Former Employee - Center ManagerinLos Angeles, CA

    I worked at FedEx Office full-time (more than 5 years)

    Stable job. Finds new revenue streams to continue to expand.

    Very demanding with lower than industry standard pay. Benefits used to make up for the gap but insurance benefits have been drastically reduced and cost more. Bonuses structured so they're almost impossible to obtain.

    I couldn't have said it better myself. We in DPP are being majorly screwed. I say UNION!
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    All of what said could be true but I don't believe the media will ever care.

    1. Most people have it hard these days on issues like this, get in line. Your story mimics my wife's, but she is in a totally different sector. It's everywhere, this is the Wall Street effect, cut cut cut to prop prop prop. Everyone is in this mode and now you have to wonder how can we escape it?

    2. The media ultimately is in the same good ole boy network, they'll drop an article here or there, but it will never be meaty enough to really put focus on it to the point of change. They just move from story to story, stir a little :censored2: and go find the next one. They literally could pick any industry and make it a poster boy for a cause like this. Your answer will not come from them, but within.

    I am for you guys getting whatever you fight for, that is how the owners do it, that is how this all works. If you don't fight, then you are saying the status quo is good enough. If you fight then you know it is time, the owners I think get this as well. That is market, market is what we'll put up with. Fedex seems very market driven, the 15% you mention is a start. I'm totally against anyone saying you aren't worth it or shouldn't do this or that, you are worth what you fight for and get.
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  11. overflowed

    overflowed Well-Known Member

    the 15% you mention is a start.
    It's out of desperation, not goodness of their heart sort of deal. Doesn't look very good to the workforce ya know?
  12. bbsam

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    Goodness of heart? Well of course it isn't. Goodness of heart isn't why UPS negotiates with the Teamsters. That's not how it works.
    But it's not desperation. As bad as it seems, FedEx still is in control. They could do 30% and not flinch.
  13. overflowed

    overflowed Well-Known Member

    Well of course not. This is a little uncharacteristic of the beloved company, or you don't agree?
  14. overflowed

    overflowed Well-Known Member

    To put it in another way. You, BBSAM INC would love to pay your drivers a living wage, benefits, and much more. "But that's not how it works right?"
  15. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    Not really. They are fairly drastic when they move. They've been so in the "take aways" over the years. They move hard in one direction and wait for the dust to settle and reassess.
  16. overflowed

    overflowed Well-Known Member

    A 15% raise for selected stations is a hard move Mod.
  17. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    Yes. I think we've agreed on that. The point is that they could easily do much more but for now the assessment is that they don't need to.
  18. soc151

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    ...and in the meantime, good, intelligent, hardworking Ground drivers (yes, there are a few of us) leave, or look to leave.

    I've long maintained that FedEx needs to start paying contractors "Driver Retention Bonuses" - increased payments based on the number of years the driver has been working. Ostensibly, the money would be used for pay increases and/or benefits for the driver. Every time they start going on about how all the new drivers are the one causing accidents, I can only think to myself that it's a problem of their own creation.

    To put it in perspective, I'm in a building with over 100 routes. I'm in the top 10 in seniority (not counting the contract owners), and I'm only 6 years in.
  19. bbsam

    bbsam Moderator Staff Member

    You are correct. The compay is extremely short sighted about this or at least on the surface they are. They want to believe that driver retention is strictly the contractor's problem. But I think they know in the ivory palaces that at some point they will have to move on that stance. But until then...
  20. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    I'm thinking you might be wrong on this one, Sam. If FedEx could not care less about the happiness of their OWN employees, why would they care about YOUR employees?
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