The Season for Giving

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    i have given every year since i can remember being asked to give. at first is was the old $1/wk. then a customer told me how a UW funded agency had helped the family during a crisis. the next year i increased my giving, $2/wk. a couple of years went by then my daughter got involved as a volunteer with a group that applied for and recieved UW funding. again i increased my giving. a couple of years ago i got involved as a volunteer and again i increased my giving. now in a position to see where my directed giving goes, how it is used and i don't need a reciept, i know how the funds are being used. so i give 10x/wk what i use to through payroll deduction, i give to church, i buy the GS cookies, softball candybars, BS popcorn and i give several hours per month. one thing comes to mind....if i hadn't walked in the front door and asked for this job, i would probably not be able to do any of these things to help others. and i hope that i never have to ask for help.
    thank you
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    I found this post by 8up from 2008 and thought it was appropriate for the season.
    Although his post was about UW, please don't go down that path.
    There are so many ways to give to others this time of the year and it means so much because many cannot buy for their children and their family this year.
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    Good post Hoak, although I don't have the disdain for UW some others have. I think it's a convenient way to do what most people would like to do but for whatever reason they forget. I visited an agency that relies on UW funding that works with poor deaf kids. Another nearby agency works with blind kids. After seeing all the good these agencies provide I wish everyone would take the time to donate.
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    I was in a Walgreens and I saw a tree with paper notes on it.
    Upon further investigation, I saw that these papers had names and wishes upon them for Seniors.
    An organization which assists Seniors to stay in their homes sponsored the gift tree.

    I pulled two names, one that reminded me of my Godfather, James B and the other, my husband.
    So... I shopped to fill these adult Xmas wishes.

    I discovered my father-in-law used this organization...

    James B wanted ( I am guessing NEEDED) the following items:
    1. Gray non-slip-slippers - size 15+.
    2. Red sweater size LG.
    (I purchased him some socks, because I discovered how difficult it was to find size 15 slippers.)

    Thomas W.
    1. Sweat pants. (I purchased two pairs.)
    2. Sweater size LG.
    3. Walgreens Gift Card.

    And I felt awesome great when I placed the items in the bin for "my guys."
    And I felt sad...the tree had unfulfilled wishes hanging on the tree.
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    I will correct...James B...
    I ordered him some slippers online and I also purchases size 15 socks.
    I went above his gift wish because I had a difficult time locating those slippers - which had me thinking it maybe difficult for him to find footwear.
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    You are a sweetheart!
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    I have a gas station on my route. The baby and toy stuff I will donate to, the adults who just want gift cards, not so much. Ill buy a bouncer for a baby. Im not giving a gift card to an adult> Maybe a coat or gloves, if they ask for that I know they need.
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    We are blessed with the money we make for peddling cardboard.
    This year I took the extra $2000 I took home via the payroll tax decrease and used it to send two disadvantaged youths to a 2-week stay at the local YMCA Summer Camp program. Got to pick from a quite lengthy list of needy children. Sat down with my two kids and read through the appeals that each child wrote what summer camp would mean to them. Really opened our eyes to how tough it is for some others in our community. I think it also impressed upon my family how lucky and blessed we are!
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    All the above are excellent post and comments.
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    my local union recently had a toy drive . we usually pack care pkgs for the troops, but this year the teamster horsemen MC club had a toy drive . so i took my son to toys r us explaining to him what we were there for and had him pick out the gift . the next day was the toy drive i took my son with me so that he could put the toy in his hands and give it . i believe in giving for the right reason .
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    You are truly amazing.