The Sheep Mentality

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    For far too long, FedEx management has had nearly total control, partly from policies designed for that purpose and the RLA, but mainly because everyone was afraid to fight back, or even question management decisions. To do so within the old Federal Express culture was unthinkable, because everyone "knew" that Federal Express was a great place to work and that Fred was a "genius".

    This equation has totally changed, mainly due to the fact that FedEx (not Federal Express) is typified by management abuse, intimidation, and a desire for absolute control. We know the company is a train wreck in-progress, and we're not only asking questions, but fighting back. And guess what? They don't know what to do. They've run us into the ground for so long that they don't know any other way.

    They are also monitoring this site. Another member PMed me that his SM was very unhappy that he had posted his run-in with her here on the BC. So, we know they're paying attention.

    Don't be a sheep. Be a wolverine, and use the claws.
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    I agree, it is the same with ground & home delivery except for the fact that you 'aren't really a fedex employee' but your contract can be terminated a NY Minute (the 30 days notice is BS).. They love people like BBSAM who kiss the asses of the terminal mgmt, others who dare to push back are marked for harassment and to be pushed out.
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    I'm surprised the Sm admitted that. It's not a secret they've been here is it?
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    No secret, but surprising that they would admit to it.
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    Actually, Nick, they prefer people like you who scare at a SM's scornful glance. For a year you went on and on about them not renewing your contract...contracts.renew July 1st. Still here?
  6. bbsam

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    But then I've had nearly 15 years with basically the same management so maybe we've just grown accustomed to each other.