The start of the new American union movement

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    I love the quote "complicated layers of subcontracting to avoid responsibility for work conditions"
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    Thank you. A while back I read of a Louisiana crawfish plant going strike that supplied Wall Mart and their workers clammed being locked in and forced to work.

    :censored2::censored2::censored2: Wal Mart!
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    Crazy I know another company that does that. They wear bright green and purple on their trucks, and sometimes when they make less money they put a dog chewing a box on the side. I pray someday, all of you under Fred's lash get your day when you have rights and the ability to exercise those rights at work. Sure an union doesn't solve all your problems, but hey you get paid more and better perks, and it gives you a structure at work to know where you stand. Worst job I ever had was the job I worried about being let go for any old reason any day.
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    I see this happening constantly with customers. They "fire" their employees, and then re-hire them as sub-contactors...for less, of course. There are all sorts of third party subcontractors out there, especiially in the transportation business. Many companies simply abolish their trucking function, and outsource it to Penske, Cardinal, or a host of other providers that pay far less than a union shop.