The Story of "T"

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    For many years, I've known a courier named "T". He wasn't the fastest, but he wasn't the slowest either, and he just kept plugging along. Management didn't like "T" because he wasn't a team player and occasionally got into it with customers. No BBQ's, no pizza parties, no company functions at all. Wouldn't help other couriers, and never volunteered for Saturday or to come in early or stay late. They harassed him, but he ignored it and there wasn't much they could really do about it because he performed just well enough to avoid any real trouble. He didn't really speak with anyone, but just showed-up, did his job, and went home. No after work socialization and no management butt kissing.

    But then "T" got hurt on the job, and they went after him like a pack of bloodhounds trailing a wounded fox. They accused him of faking his injury, but then he came back at exactly 89 days, and kept on going...even though he was obviously hurting. That didn't make any difference to FedEx....they just went after him harder. When "T" had trouble making his numbers, they doubled-down on the harassment.

    And then "T" really earned my respect. He got a lawyer,and sued. FedEx fought, and brought lawyers in from Memphis and had expert medical providers from their "insurance" provider. This went on for quite awhile, and "T" kept right on going.

    Finally...a verdict. Numbers weren't disclosed because the settlement was confidential, but "T' supposedly walked away with a high 6-figure check.

    The moral of the story is that you need to fight back, and don't think that FedEx is infallible. It's a cheesy line, but if you've ever watched Galaxyquest, one of the funniest movies ever, you'll get it. "Never give-up, never surrender".
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    Using the money from the settlement, "T" took acting classes, worked out religiously, and started sporting a mohawk. Word spread, and Hollywood came calling. But fame never changed "T", and the only concession to the growing demand for him in action flicks was the prefix "Mr", his agent's idea. Remembering his early legal success, he sued the television show he starred in over stealing his personal motto "I love it when a good plan comes together" without giving him a screenwriter's credit. Retribution was swift, and today "T" gets by making cheesy infomercials. Interviewed recently by B.E.T., "T" was asked what being a FedEx courier was like. Wistfully staring in the distance he softly replied "I pity the fools".
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    Thanks for getting them for the team T we love you man!
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    "I love it when a plan comes together".
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    Yer right...funny how one remembers things from years ago.
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    Terrible show, but very funny to watch, especially the poorly disguised ramps that launch the vehicles every episode.
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    A lawsuit is the only way it seems to get their attention. Sad, but true. And FedEx will see more in the future as their employees learn to not be a frikken doormat and get tired of their intimidation tactics


    Ok, now you've gone and done it sir. You can attack Fred and his butt-boy-wonder MT Tres, but YOU WILL NOT DERIDE THE JOY AND WONDERMENT THAT IS.........THE A-TEAM! Oh the hours of misspent youth with my Mr. T van and Faceman's Corvette and the trouble they would cause for the CHiPS cops, Dukes of Hazzard and KITT from Knight Rider on my back patio. I can't tell you how many times I nearly caught the house on fire....oh crap. Best stop now.
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    Should I tell? Oh, WTH. Ponch and John were gay lovers, and they were on a trailer for the riding scenes. Sorry...


    NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! What else have I been lied to about??!!!
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    Gee, I thought this was going to be about me when I read the title. :winks:
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    OK, you forced it out of me. Bo Duke and Boss Hog. Something about them little fat fellers...