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  1. Well it was a tough week here, temperature wise (those damn chem-trails didn't do a good job).
    There was an announcement from N (ever) AS (traight) A (nswer) that they found hidden magnetic portal between the Earth and the Sun. Not like some occultist (might) already used them for a long time.
    Anyways the finding is interesting, so I thought I put some vids with the Sun(stargate) also "being sick" when the Bilderbergs had their meeting in some specific ley lines on earth.
    First NASA:
    Hidden Magnetic Portals Around Earth : NASA VIDEO - YouTube

    And the SUN of a b.... for fun fakes or not you decide

    So Much 4 Sun-lluminati... a bit of Evening Fun - YouTube

    Soho's Greatest Hits - Volume 2 - YouTube

    SOHO's Greatest Hits - Volume 4 - YouTube

    Two Comets hit the Sun - YouTube
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