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  1. Saw it mentioned on here somewhere last night that if you're in progression (haven't made full scale pay), you won't be getting a retro check. Asked 1 of my stewards about this this morning & he confirmed this is true. I'm 1 of many newer teamsters disappointed in not getting the equivalent of another paycheck. Oh well... Onward & upward.

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    In my area when your in progression you only get the yearly progression raises you don't get the yearly contract raises....
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    The new contact has higher step wages. They can't pay you at a lower than bargained for rate. Again my local president confirmed that in progression drivers will get the new contract wages but will hit top pay after 36 months.
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    The progression wages in the contract have the raises built in just like how the top pay listed in the wage tables shows top part going up in the table over the life of the contact.
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    That's interesting. He's the first person I've heard of say they will be in 3 year progression.
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    I had sent an email to contract facts a few months ago...
    here's the response...You will remain in the 3-year progression. You will get the GWI and make no less than the old progression. Hope that helps!
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    Self, were you talking about people in their first five years at UPS? If so that's something I'd be interested in figuring out.

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    I would agree that if you are in a 3 year progression you will be locked into it. If you went FT driving after Aug. 1, 2013 you will be in a 4 year progression.
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    Don't complain about being in 3 year progression vs the new 4 year. The difference is well into the 5 figures long term.
  10. I'm talking about I'm a little over a year in & won't make scale 'til April of 2016. According to 1 of my stewards, no retro check for me. We also have 2 or 3 guys that'll make scale later this summer. No retro check. 2 guys ahead of me w/ only 3 more months seniority. No retro check. 3 guys that qualified after 8-1-13. Prob. 4 year progression & no retro check. Everyone else at our center is full scale pay. Retro check. So I asked & again was told by 1 of my stewards.

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  11. Not sure if you're talking to me. I'm def. not complaining. Full scale faster is better than the 4 year progression guys making a $1.00 or so an hour more than me for awhile... I spose.

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    Here is what I don't understand.. I was a reg-temp (part time cover driver) on July 31 2013 making 21.13/hr (75% of the top rate in 2008).

    Retroactive to Aug 1 2013 75% of the top rate (32.99) is 24.74.. (the new contract has the same language)

    So a new reg temp would start at 24.74, I should get that bump in pay too. $3.61/hr difference in pay that is owed to me.

    I went full-time at the end of September. Hopefully I will be able to get the difference in pay that was owed to me. I understand I don't get the .70 because I am still in progression.