The Ultimate Absurdity of Our Irrational Fear!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Ron Paul wants that TSA gone........I'm with him on that.
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    True. And Moreluck is right, TSA needs to go bye-bye!
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    My experience with these guys. Our unit was returning from Iraq. We had been in a combat role for 14 months. We were on a charter plane (I think it was a delta flight). We landed in New York to refuel and clear customs. We had to leave all of our automatic weapons on the plane and one lucky soul had to stay on and guard them. We were all escorted to a private area out of site to clear customs. Federal armed agents stayed with us the entire time to ensure we did not leave the secure area. This was before they did the hand pat down but we had to all stand in line, pull off our combat boots, walk through the metal detectors to board our flight(full of automatic weapons). I always thought that was an absurd, inefficient use of government resources. I now see the TSA as nothing more than a jobs program and an inconvenience to travelers.
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    As someone who has a relative who is a TSA employee, I agree they need to go bye-bye. My relative has filed as bankrupt three times, and he's qualified to work searching passengers, Scary!!
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    I really think that the original thinking behind the TSA was a good idea, but in retrospect TSA has never been able to provide true security for many reasons. I agree that what TSA has morphed in to needs to be gone.
    Maybe there is a fine line between too much "security" and no security.
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    Like it or not, we need selective screening.....El Al-style. If grandmas in wheelchairs are not the threat, then don't hassle them unless they are ticking!!