The ultimate package car

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    GUTHREE Mrs. Smooth

    Just for fun, let's begin to build the "ultimate package car." Let's keep it realistic of course.

    I think it would be cool if drivers had something that would go around their wrist/fingers that when you placed it near the ignition switch it would turn the car on. Each package car would have it's own "key." I don't know how many times thru the years I have torn my fingers/ thumbs etc. up from turning that key. Ignition, bulk head, backdoor, if you don't hit it right the first time, you feel like you almost rip your skin. lol.

    GUTHREE Mrs. Smooth

    You're driving at night, and you pull up to a stop, park and get out. Some small light can come on and light up the steps and handrail to package car. lighted strip inside of the handrail? Like you see nice houses have lights that will light up steps/ walkways at night. I think every bit would help.

    GUTHREE Mrs. Smooth

    How about replacing the diamond plate steps with something else? I think those steps are a trap, so to speak, lol. If it's raining you have to be extremely careful getting in and out of the car. That area is so slick. I had a skateboard shop on my old route, and he had some gritty like sheets that they put on the tops of skateboards. I got some from him, cut it and applied to steps. What a big difference.
  4. MD Dan

    MD Dan Member

    Low step-in, TIGHT turning radius, wide doors( bulkhead and driver/passenger), lighter doors, also both p/d, better designed door latches, better design DR bag dispenser. Automatic good, Power steering also good. Lower mirror loop w/ 3 mirrors...
  5. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Air conditioning!
  6. probellringer

    probellringer Member

    im sure this is all being viewed by higher ups and we should see the changes shortly......actually the are probably working on it right now..:happy2:
  7. Big Babooba

    Big Babooba Well-Known Member

    Its got to have a fridge and a shelf that converts to a bunk. Nap time is important! A small micro wouldn't be a bad idea either. Add in a sink, toilet and shower. A plus would be a TV with a satellite tuner. It goes without saying that heat and a/c is a necessity. Oh yeah, don't forget to leave some room for a couple of packages. After all, the packages are what it's all about. :happy-very:
  8. UPSNewbie

    UPSNewbie New Member

    I have whats called a key fob to get into the school that I student teach at. It's a round, battery looking thing. I nudge it up against the fancy door lock, and it unlocks. Once I press it on to the lock, it logs my name, department I work in, and time I opened that door.

    It would be VERY possible for ups to do something like that.


    Looks something like that.

    GUTHREE Mrs. Smooth

    the key fob sounds cool, but what about hands free? We carry enough, don't ya think. maybe design it where we could wear it??? hhhmmmm.....would save my fingers alot of havoc. i actually have a small scar around my index finger from having my key ring on it for 20
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    This is another example of how new drivers are trained in different parts of the country. I was trained to put the keys in my right front pants pocket and the COD cash in my left front pants pocket.

    I tried to find the thread but was unable to but UPS is indeed working on a keyless entry system similar to that which is used by FedEx.

    GUTHREE Mrs. Smooth

    diad comunication between drivers would be good. of course ups would have to monitor it, and they should. only ups related info should be shared between drivers (meetpoints, not founds, misloads, etc.) and they would have to really enforce that, from the get go. also link the edd info between drivers. if joe shmoe has one of your packages and he sheets it, it will disappear out of your board. that way you don't go by a stop, spend time doing a search and rescue for a package that is not even on your car. probably saved yourself 5-10 minutes, minimum...
  12. Jagz

    Jagz New Member

    FedEx already has this technology. They have a wristband that unlocks their doors and and a push button for ignition.

    GUTHREE Mrs. Smooth

    yep ,we were trained back then to always have your keys/ keyring on your finger. fail safe i think, and also hands free. it doesn't ever interfere with me carrying anything at all. i do jiggle when i walk into businesses and everybody knows it's me, that has saved me alot of time thru the years....
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Again, this already exists, although UPS has yet to turn it on.

    I do like your idea of pkgs that in your EDD that are delivered by another driver being automatically deleted.
  15. poozer2000

    poozer2000 New Member

    we have a wrist band very similar to the blue fob picture it unlocks the exterior and interior doors,you also use it to start the beast up unfortunately we still have to use the ignition key.
  16. UPSNewbie

    UPSNewbie New Member

    It can be hands free. Just put it in a wristband like FDX does.

    And I do know of that topic Upstate is referring to. I don't remember it, either.

    GUTHREE Mrs. Smooth

    i think we should be alerted or maybe somehow set as a default, that will tell you you have businesses loaded in section 8. our pds person is out of control, and on my new route i had to find businesses in sect 8. day one on a new area, i didn't know they were bus stops, unfortunately they were missed. i know if you deliver it one or two times you'll know, but still i think it should maybe somehow alert the driver around business closing times. if we know from the original shipper if it's bus or resi, then we should know on our end as well. also, set EDD up where all apartments will show the actual numbers to the units in the detail screen.........duh
  18. MikeTbob

    MikeTbob New Member

    This stuff makes too much sense and it's too easy,it'll never get implemented! :biting:
  19. hondo

    hondo promoted to mediocrity

    I bet that gets their attention, but perhaps jingling the keys would be more appropriate.
  20. Tiny Panda

    Tiny Panda Member

    We've had that in the UK for the past 7 years, automatic locking and push button start.