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    The first victim to be identified is Nicholas Thalasinos, a middle-aged man.
    He is apparently a Messianic Jew, i.e. a man identifying as a Jew but believing in Jesus Christ.
    His Facebook profile identifies him as a supporter of Israel and a fan of Rush Limbaugh .
    A New York Post profile reports that Thalasinos had anti-Muslim views:
    One of the victims of the San Bernardino massacre was a Messianic Jew who filled his Facebook page with condemnations of Muslims and impassioned screeds against jihadist terror… Under “Education,” Thalasinos listed on Facebook, “Studied Conservatism at Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies.”
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    Another victim was Daniel Kaufman, 42, who is survived by his boyfriend, Ryan Reyes, 32. The Los Angeles Times reports:

    The last message from Kaufman arrived at 10:37 a.m. — a picture of a friend he had met at a comic book conference. About an hour later, Reyes received a text from his sister: “Hey Ry does Daniel work at the Regional Center in Sb? Check the news.” Reyes, 32, called his boyfriend repeatedly but kept getting sent to voicemail. “Call me ASAP!” he texted. There was no reply.
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    All 14 victims gunned down in the San Bernardino terror attack are named and include an NFL player's cousin, an anti-ISIS campaigner and a mother who fled Islamic extremists in Iran for a safer life in the US

    The San Bernardino County Coroner on Thursday released the names of the 14 people killed at a health department holiday party at a government conference center.

    Shannon Johnson, 45, of Los Angeles; Bennetta Bet-Badal, 46, of Rialto;
    Aurora Godoy, 26, of San Jacinto ;
    Isaac Amanios, 60, of Fontana ;
    Larry Kaufman, 42, of Rialto , worked at the coffee shop ;
    Harry Bowman, 46, of Upland;
    Yvette Velasco, 27, of Fontana;
    Sierra Clayborn, 27, of M Valley;
    Robert Adams, 40, of Yucaipa;
    Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, of Colton;
    Tin Nguyen, 31, of Santa Ana;
    Juan Espinoza, 50, of Highland;
    Damian Meins, 58, of Riverside;
    and Michael Wetzel, 37, of Lake Arrowhead.

    Among the dead were a mother-of-three who had fled Islamic extremism in Iran as a teenager, a 26-year-old mother with a young son, and the 60-year-old cousin of New York Giants player Nat Berhe.
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    Other than honoring the dead, what is your purpose for posting this list?
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    padding that post count.......
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    Everyone remembers the killers ; name any mass shooting and most will recall the killer's name but not the victims .
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    Will be waiting for you to post the victims of the Colorado Springs shooting as well.
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    She was safer in Iran, than here with all you gun nuts in this country.

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    You have no class or good manners .

    Please explain "all you gun nuts " ,
    I have a report that several parcels from Lucky Gunner , Bulk Ammo and Weapons world have been left near your residence .
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    your enjoyment of her demise has been noted.
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    In a final heroic act, Shannon Johnson 45, placed his arm around colleague Denise Peraza and held her closely before saying 'I got you' as he shielded her from bullets during the San Bernardino massacre on Wednesday
    Peraza, 27, said while she cannot remember every single second that played out that morning, she will always remember his arm wrapped her as they huddled under a table behind a fallen chair when he said those three words.
    Johnson was one of 14 people who was killed in the mass shooting.
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    Victims: Those whop died in the ISIS-inspired mass murders were from top left: Robert Adams, Isaac Amanios, Bennetta Betbadal, Harry Bowman and Sierra Clayborn. Second row from left: Juan Espinoza, Aurora Godoy, Shannon Johnson, Larry Daniel Kaufman and Damian Meins. Bottom row from left: Tin Nguyen, Nicholas Thalasinos, Yvette Velasco and Michael Wetzel.
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    Widow of San Bernardino shooting victim files $58 million in wrongful death claims

    Renee Wetzel, whose 37-year-old husband, Michael, was among the 14 people fatally shot during an attack at the Inland Regional Center last month, filed four separate claims with San Bernardino County in late December, records show. The claims seek $3 million from the county for lost wages and $25 million in “general damages.” In addition, they ask for $10 million in damages on behalf of each of her three children, who are not identified by name in the documents.
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    how many iraq war victim lists have you done?
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