The Western Conference, Charles B, the IIO & Sanitation Contracts @ L-396?!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by The Son of Sam, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. I H8 TRUMP!!!

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    With the ongoing corruption investigation on Local 396s principal hofficer and the Los Angles County Waste Management contracts due to expire in 2017, Ron H is distancing himself from benefits broker Charles B. As you may know one of the findings the IIO found on Rome A was "bid rigging" with his golf buddy Charles B. General ST Ken H who obstructed the federal investigation was charged last month by the IBT. The enchilada is starting to heat up and Rome A and Ken H will be expelled from the union, with a chance of jail time.

    The IIO is currrenlty investigating Ron H on multiple wrongdoings, but someone within the IBT has leaked that some of the benefit funds in sanitation are ran by Charles B.

    Other sources from the IBT have also leaked out that ex Local 186 principal hofficer Bill E who was recently charged by the IIO with embezzlement and had negotiated several benefit contracts with Charles B is now working for one of the funds.

    Fred Z and Teamsters United took Local 396 by a score of 1097 to 831. The IBT results and the current investigation on their principal hofficer should trigger the fall of Ron H at Local 396 next October, that's if the no good fat mother lover has not been ousted by the IRO by election time.
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  2. SoCalUPS

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    Slander and rumors.......yawn
  3. BigDaddyO8a

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    Total bull crap
  4. BigDaddyO8a

    BigDaddyO8a Member

    No corruption in 396
  5. wide load

    wide load 4 10’s without OT is a concession.

    Oh the humanity!! Sam should write for Sesame Street.
  6. I H8 TRUMP!!!

    I H8 TRUMP!!! Active Member

    Keep on drinking the corruption kool-aid. How's that crap under $2 per hour pension at sanitation Ron H negotiates? Sanitation hates him, the UPSers split in half and Hoffa is done at 396.

    Tell your daddy Ron he's gonna get dragged through the mud in the next 10 months.
  7. I H8 TRUMP!!!

    I H8 TRUMP!!! Active Member

    Why did UPSers at 396 vote against the "carve-out" twice? Why did 396 vote against Hoffa in the general election? What happened to Ron Hs Mexican Mafia? Why couldn't his Mexican Mafia deliver Hoffa a win at 396?
  8. wide load

    wide load 4 10’s without OT is a concession.

    Whatever you say *
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  9. I H8 TRUMP!!!

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    Where's Ron Hs Mexican Mafia? Haha!
  10. BigDaddyO8a

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    Sounds like you are racist to me really Mexican mafia because Ron is Mexican. You have no clue.
  11. BigDaddyO8a

    BigDaddyO8a Member

  12. BigDaddyO8a

    BigDaddyO8a Member

    By the way you might want to check your bull crap the carve out was not voted down twice.Only one vote on the carve out and passed.
  13. BigDaddyO8a

    BigDaddyO8a Member

    Keep spreading lies
  14. SoCalUPS

    SoCalUPS Active Member

    Haters gonna hate. You are just as bad as the anti-Union Republicans. You are not a real Teamster if your hoping for turmoil in the Union.
  15. I H8 TRUMP!!!

    I H8 TRUMP!!! Active Member

    At 396 it's only the homeboys that support Ronnie now because they're to stupid to realize how much of their pensions went to pay for Healthcare. Half of them are on probation and have to miss work for court.

    The sanitation members that get paid under $2 per hour worked at a max of 2080 hours per year into their pension can't stand Ronnie and his hideous spanglish because he treats them like union dues paying members. 99% of sanitation is with Fred, so where is your support?

    Now tell me how it was that Fred Z won locals 63 and 396? That was Hoffa and Mexican Mafia territory for 17 years, until the last election. You guys also collected ballots.

    Maybe the vatos locos finally had enough in Mexican Mafia ville!
  16. Evil

    Evil Active Member

    Hey Ronnie, how are the sanitation pensions nationwide compared to yours? You and your Mexican Mafia Spanglish speaking pendejos are a disgrace!
  17. Whatbrownwontdoforyou

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    Wow I can't believe the racism on this site from union members against union members.....also son of Sam the election is over and Fred z lost.....the only reason tdu and Fred z are still after local 63 and 396 members is to try and steal there money
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  18. i Misload Next Day Airs

    i Misload Next Day Airs Active Member

    I thought you guys knew who you're working for....... This isn't Fed-Ex.

    Got a Problem Then....


    Spread your Wisdom instead of just retaining it for yourself.

    and stop this Racism Crap we all bleed Brown mother's