the woes of a preloader

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  1. Here is a list of things I hate as a peon preloader. We work hard and get no respect.
    I load 3 trucks belt to car at a stop postion and mover iregs, heavy weights, and mis sorted pkgs to a belt behind me.

    -Pay is low
    -Early hours
    -Not enough hours to make anything
    -china markers break alll the time and are hard to unwrap(always happens when you are slamned)
    -I always have to 2x handle tons of pkgs at the end of the day when I brick load my trucks and get no credit for them.
    -I get no credit for pieces I have to move around belt (about 50 a day)
    -No matter how many pkgs you load you get paid the same.
    -There is never any room for the heavy weights I have to move around to the back belt
    -supervisors ignore you when you are slamned or tell you to stop stacking.
    -sups tell you no stacking when you have no room to load anymore.
    -sups yell at you when you shut a belt down even if it is for safety
    -sups walk past you as you are bulking out a truck at the end of day and yell "bulk it out!!"
    -sups help people who don't need it or stand and talk to people right by you as you are getting blown away in a mountain of stacks and do nothing to help you.
    -when trucks are full at the end it takes forever to make anything fit yet the flow is faster than normal because they are rting to finish asap
    -hazmats take forever to load and always come down as you're getting slamned.
    -heavy small boxes
    -Iregs that don't fit anywhere in the truck
    -it hurts my feet, hands, back
    -wears out soaks and shoes fast
    -the guy across from me is always jammed up and his boxes fill up my side of the belt.
    -no one helps the guy across from me unless I beg them to.
    -Sups think every postion is the same when some are harder than others.
    -add cuts at the last minute.
    -payroll constantly making mistakes and taking forever to fix them.
    -when the person in front of me misses a ton of stuff and I have to pick it off for him.

    and I will post more later
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    welcome to UPS.
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    I hear McDonald's is hiring--no lifting but the food sucks.
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    yep death by eating.:happy-very:
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    wow class envy rears its ugly head.
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    If you have a slacker in front of you who misses his stuff because he is lazy punish him. What I do is put everything he misses under the belt and let him know at the end of the day that that 10 feet of under the belt space is his stuff, make sure it's behind your last truck too. If he is a new guy I spare him and try to coach him when I have time.

    If they short you on your check I belive you get penalty pay if they don't fix it in a certain amount of time.

    As for the rest of your post, deal with it, everyone else does.
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    I suggest you quit. Seriously, it's a ripoff nowdays to work PT. I was hired in preload when there was incentive pay based on how many pieces loaded and we made near what drivers did per hour. If you stay, then just work a reasonable pace and work accurately, safely. Newbies often work so hard to impress management or other employees and get nothing for it except a sore back. Let the work area back up if it gets too heavy. You wont' get fired.
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    I beg to differ, nothing beats the fries, lol.
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    "United Parcel Service is a plastic trench filled with pimps and thieves, where good men die like dogs, and there's also a down side."
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    Nice adaptation of Thompson.
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    Thank you:happy-very:
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    True.... do as little as possible.
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    Anonymous Peon I feel sorry for you. It looks like you don't like your job.
    Lucky me I have an outstanding preloader. He has 4 trucks everyday. He always smile I don't have missorts like before. He always load my truck in order. He helps UPS a lot. He earns my respect. Because of him I finish my route faster and have more time for lunch. My center manager loves him.
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    Welcome to UPS. Nothing in life is easy, including here and it takes a lot of work to move up. If you don't like it/can't take it then I suggest quit.
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    "Learn to live with what you can't rise above". -Bruce Springsteen
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    Pays the same or a little better plus air conditioning. gonna be hard to get preloaders at 9.50 an hour. tough tough job
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    Do ya really have to bring up a thread that is 2 yrs old?:funny:
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    little the middle but she got much back -Sir Mix Alot