The WORST customer service I've EVER seen...ANYWHERE!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Mike23, Sep 22, 2009.

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    Holy cow, I had the biggest SNAFU delivery I've ever had in my short career. I had a guy who apparently bought something on EBAY and then told the shipper he wanted to cancel it if it had a COD attached (wow, UPS attach a COD? NO WAY!).

    I guess the seller was a jerk and said no refund so I show up the door and the guy asks me what he should do. I have no idea, I've never had this problem before. The guy also says he would LIKE to send the package back but is worried he'd still be stuck with the $40 shipping bill. If he's not then he'd like to send it back. So I call my sup who tells me he's not sure if the guy would be stuck with the bill or not and doesn't know anyone that would know. So I ask him what I should do. He recommends doing a 'no COD' and let the depot figure it out.

    Well, the guy decides to pay for it since he doesn't want it shipped back and be out $40.

    Fast foreward to end of shift. I just punch out and get cornered by our customer service desk asking about the package. Well, there's the customer again. The guy from EBAY didn't give him the full product so now he's at least trying to recoup his brokerage on the cost and would like to refuse the package. It was a giant 20x40 picture display thing that was missing and there was NO way it could fit in that box in the first place, so I believe the guy.

    I check with DIAD office guy who's sometimes handy but he says he can't change my stop to show no money but that an onroad sup could as it was the second time it happened today (not sure if it's possible or not, anyone know?). I go to 2 onroad sups (standing beside each other) who ask me what the problem is with the customer since they heard about it through the grape vine but didn't want to deal with it. I tell them and ask if there's anything they can do. They tell me to just ignore it and go home...Umm...Ignore a customer? That's how UPS operates? Huh...weird, I've heard them quote to other drivers 'we're in the customer service industry!'.

    So, I go back to customer care to see if they can do anything. They said they can't because the onroad sup I talked to refused to talk to the customer therefore putting me in the middle of this mess. Wow, thanks for doing your job sup! Ignore customer wasn't in my training, it must be a management thing.

    So, I tried calling brokerage line who said THEY couldn't do anything. How frustrating! The guy is EXTREMELY frustrated at UPS and grateful towards me for actually not ignoring him. So, the only recommendation I could think of next was to call his credit card company and tell them to put a stop on that payment when it comes through to be processed since it's not instantaneous (since I was off the clock I don't think anything can happen to me about this since I was just giving friendly advice).

    The guy essentially just wanted SOMEONE to listen to him and TRY to do something other then stick their thumb up their bum and hope the problem went away. Anyways, it does bother me quite a bit because I ENJOY taking care of the customers that I deal with and when they're upset it bugs me. Anyone know anyone who I could get contact info for that COULD do something that I can give this guy?
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    And it started with you.
  3. Mike23

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    For trying to help a customer? Sorry, my mistake, I forgot you used to be management and it's rule 1 to blame the driver ;) :peaceful:
  4. klein

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    I agree hoaxter.... I won`t call.
    They (customer) can either recieve it or refuse it.
    It`s not in drivers hands.

    I never had time to deal with that. EVER.
    Take it or leave it (but always polite )
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    I will have to admit, I have never delivered anything bought on ebay or recieved anything I've purchased that was COD. The customer should be getting hold of ebay customer service. You are in the middle of this because you are the only warm body he has dealt with in this purchase. We cannot refund COD money because somebody bought bogus goods. I always use paypal. Won't buy from sellers who don't accept it. I got ripped off a few years ago on a paypal transaction, called paypal, and had a refund within 24 hrs.
  6. klein

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    He means the brokerage charge (tons of US shiptments comming into Canada- with tax and brokerage).

    We always have trouble with that.... they think it`s all paid for, but UPS brokerage and government taxes come on top of that.
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    Mike, one thing you could give the guy,on the sly of course,is the name of the two sups and the phone number to Atlanta. Give him yours if your confident in his appreciation of you. it may have been a screwup outside of our hands but there`s no excuse for "ignoring it".
  8. overallowed

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    I understand that, but I think the root of the problem was he did not get the merchandise as advertised. I still say get hold of ebay customer service.
    And DEFINITELY leave negative feedback.
  9. filthpig

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    In my 13 years in package, I've never had this come up. Just tell them to refuse it.
  10. Monkey Butt

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    They have that in the DIAD now?
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    This is why scam artists use FedEx, or Ups. We are only couriers and not covered under the Federal Mail Fraud Act. Only USPS has that power of enforcement.
    ICC does govern over UPS on COD pkgs, and under the law, we can not return funds, after the pkg has been opened. The consignee only has the right of refusal at delivery.
    (This is per my training, I doubt the laws have changed since.)
    It is strictly a transaction between the seller and the buyer.

    Caveat emptor.
  12. overallowed

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    When you buy something on ebay, you can leave feedback about the seller. You need to get out more.
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    That went right over your head. It's called tongue in cheek:wink2:
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    Don't know anything about Hoax do you?:peaceful:
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    I believe Kleins is correct in that the customer was required to pay the brokerage fees.

    I believe ebay now requires paypal to be used for everything except large items like automobiles, etc. While shipping fee maybe included customs fees may not be. I'm not that familiar with selling out of the USA, I've heard of others having problems or buyers leaving negative feedback on ebay for the fees so I just don't bother.
    If the customer didn't recieve his entire order again that's between him and the ebay seller. UPS had nothing to do with that. Mike 23 is just the warm body the guys dealt with in person.
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    Working off the clock? It was not your problem Go home and un-snafu the day, and dont ever work off the clock it sets a bad example for the older drivers.... BC
  17. trplnkl

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    Our company policy is that no opened package can be refused. Granted many times we over look the rule under certain circumstances. The brokerage fee won't be returned to the consignee because you did your job and delivered the package, it's a done deal. Now if the consignee want to pay to return the same package he has the right to do so and then the E-bay shipper would have to pay a brokerage fee, IF they accept the package. If they refuse the package it would be returned to your guy. It's a mess you didn't create but will more than likely have to answer for, unfortunately.
    I see no way UPS can help him any further. Your guy is screwed unless the shipper takes care of him.
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    New upgrade, Hoax. I think there's a thread about it.
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    "the worst customer service ive ever seen anywhere"

    youve obviously never been to walmart
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