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    I have absolutely no interest in joining the union. I do not need job security as my work speaks for itself, does anyone know how to avoid joining the union at UPS? I believe that I should keep every penny of my paycheck, my hard earned money deserves to stay in my pocket - not in the corrupt hands of a union. Any advice?
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, theworthlessunion!

    Please tell me you're not trolling.
  3. rod

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    So young ---so clueless. Come back and repost after you realize that your "hard work" means nothing to them---they only want more (believe me that day will come). If you don't need job security- join management.
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    I'm not even gonna start to trash you for your views, you're gonna get enough of that from others. I'm just gonna recount this example:

    Outstate from here, in the same local, tho, was a driver that thought the same way as you. Don't remember if he was feeder or package, don't matter. He would take every shortcut he could, breaking laws, policies, "running over" other drivers. He was, supposedly, a real Company man. Thought he was invincible! "The Company LOVES me!", he was heard to exclaim.

    Resigned from the union, saying the same thing you are here today. Some time went by, he screwed something up, got fired, appealed (ironically) to the union, since it was a right to work state anyway, the union did, indeed, try to help him but termination stuck. He's now gone for good. Understand he was crushed! "How can the company do this to me? I did EVERYTHING for them!"

    Could the union worked harder to keep his job? Maybe, don't know. I wasn't there. You figure it out. Do you want to take that chance? It's up to you. You want to make a career outta UPS. Good luck, you're gonna need it. Union or not.
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    This may help: Do I have to join a labor union?

    Why do you have such strong feelings against unionism?

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    Don't feed it Integrity, don't feed it!!!!
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    Only thing I hate about North American UNions is same pay for everyone !
    Don't matter if your co-worker is a "doggie" and your the top performer, - it's the same pay.

    And that sucks !

    I have had union so called "brothers and sisters" going out of thier way to avoid work, while others like myself made up for it.
    It's just not right !
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    Some getting paid to work while sit around drinking.
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    Just remember, there is representation and there's "REPRESENTATION". Don't think if you don't pay your dues they will go the distance for you. Don't kid yourself. They may suck in your eyes,but they are all you got brother.
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    Feel free to turn down any contractual pay increases and health and welfare and pension benefits.
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    everthing is true what you said except one thing... HE.S NOT OUR BROTHER, ID LIKE TO SAY A LOT MORE BUT IT.S NOT WORTH IT,
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    signed,fred smith jr.
  13. The Other Side

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    I have terrific advice that will help you out completely.

    Walk into the hub tomorrow morning, walk into the HR office and RESIGN. Then walk out, no dues paid, and apply at FEDEX where you wont have to pay any dues or belong to any stinkin UNION. Then in 90 days when they turn you over (like the rest of the employees) and your back on the unemployment line, then come back to the HUB and watch people with actual job security.

    You can take your principles to the bank afterwards and see if the bank will cash that for you.


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    Rod, Thanks for the great advice! I have now been promoted two times within my first six days of working! I am young, clueless and ...... educated


    My advice to you is this, and keep in mind that I was hrly union and then management for 5 years before i got fedup, you need the union, the union is the reason for the oppty.s you have, the health benefits, the dues you pay are miniscal and it wont even be noticed, like everyone the union has its goods and bads, the goods far outweigh the bad, your going to have good stewards and bad stewards, but you can always go directly to your local teamster rep. if you are represented the right way, again think of all of the oppty. to drive, to be article 22 or whatnot, the union has done a lot for you, the only downside is the starting pay stinks, that will rise the longer your there, than you can take air shuttles, ground shuttles and eventually drive if you wish, thank the union regardless of what others say, because you are a teamster and so is your position and they will expect you to join and rightfully so.
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    Keep it up all-star, within a month you'll be the CEO.
    Merry Christmas from Blitzen, the brown nosed reindeer...second in line, just as quick as Rudolph, but can't stop as fast. Sound familar worthless?
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    that doesn't give you a clue about the quality of management we have left after they carved the thanksgiving turkey out of our seasoned management?!?!?!
  18. ORLY!?!

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    If your in a right to work state, you own union protection regardless. People paying dues really is a joke here, unless you want to drive then you'll need to be in the union for atleast a year, I believe.

    I found out that I make ( at 3 1/2 years ) as much as someone working for 6 years, this without paying dues. So tell me now, is this anything significant then I think it is? This year, on my side, we've had well over a 90% turn over rate. The majority here are paying dues and have heard of the amount that actually adds up in the difference. So much for that 2.5% overall you hear about in the beginning, as I was told by a steward " it really isnt that much ".

    For a job nobody wants to do, or do well, and a right to work state... it isnt worth the dues.
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    Promoted from what, unloader to pickoff, to loader? or from unloader, to carwash, to shifter? You got promoted from parttime union to parttime management then to fulltime management within six days?
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    *****.... Peace.... now that is funny.....
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