Theft of delivered packages spurs alert

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    Theft of delivered packages spurs alert

    Wed. November 12, 2008; Posted: 02:35 PM

    Nov 12, 2008 (The Spokesman-Review - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- United Parcel Service recently dropped off a $500 Bose radio on a Spokane County woman's porch. She knew because the parcel-packing company called to tell her it was there. But when she got home, it was gone.
    Sheriff's detectives have received several reports during the last two months of delivered packages being stolen from homes. Spokane police also have fielded a few theft reports. So far, law enforcement officials in Kootenai County and Coeur d'Alene say they haven't seen an uptick, but they expect it's coming.
    With the gift-giving season nearly upon us, authorities are warning people to take extra precautions with mailed packages.
    "It appears someone is following around a UPS truck," said Spokane County sheriff's Sgt. Dave Fray.
    The thefts are happening at "no particular time of day, and there are no suspect descriptions," so there are no leads right now, Fray said. The thefts also aren't localized to one area, he said. "Part of the problem is UPS just drops the package at the door and leaves," Fray said.
    Ronna Branch, a corporate spokeswoman for UPS, said that while ground packages can be dropped off by a driver, "our drivers are well trained, and they will not leave them in view." But hiding the items may not help if a thief is following the driver, authorities said.
    Sheriff's Sgt. Dave Reagan said one report noted UPS hid the parcel behind a garbage can, and it was stolen from there.
    Said Branch: "If they (UPS driver) noticed someone following behind their truck, they wouldn't leave a package." Although Fray said he alerted the local UPS office to the thefts, Branch said she's unaware of any investigations in the Spokane area.
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    Yeah, their idea of hiding it is putting it under your doormat no matter what the size. I had a 16" cube box left on my front porch once with my doormat sitting on top of it.
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    So why do people order stuff they worry about and put their home address on it if they know they aren't going to be home? If you are worried about it have it sent to your work or to an at home neighbor. :angry:
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    A lot of places won't allow you to ship to a different address than your billing address. Although, I wouldn't mind sending the bill to my neighbor also.
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    also factor in that alot of companies will not allow their employees to recieve personal pkgs at work !!!
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    Ya get ready Tiz the season for more Drvr Followup's !!!
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    Then they should leave a BIG note on their door telling the driver what to do with it. Leave at neighbor? Will call? If someone is following UPS stealing packages, leaving it in a safe place or out in the open (yes I know we aren't suppose to) won't matter. If I lived where I was in doubt I would never order off the internet.
  8. But Benefits Are Great!

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    Dead on.

    Mail, UPS, Fedex - all count on the inherent honesty of people in general. If someone plans to follow a truck & steal the packages, there is absolutely nothing you can do realistically.
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    Usually this type of story shows up closer to the Holidays, with today's economy, the thieves must starting earlier. Sad sign of the times, hopefully, UPS has security driving around checking in the areas where the packages were stolen. Maybe a seasonal hire, coming back or driver helper, could be involved in contacting others as to where the "good stuff" is left.

    Just some past experiences I have encountered.

    Then you have to wonder if the same is happening with USPS or FedEx.

    Having the package shipped to their business, would actually be more cost effective than a residential delivery. When I order from the internet, most companies will ask if my address is residential or commercial.
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    This is the time of year when our bank robberies increase. Gotta get that cash for Xmas gifts......:sad-little:

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    We’ve had a string of thefts in are center over the last few months and I am sure it will get worse over Christmas, we are a small center that has no security of any kind, which I find interesting.
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    i got a follow up for a pkg a cover driver left when he ran my route last week. he was one house off. the owner of the house he left it at says he took it to the ups store the night that he delivered it. problem is he delivered it at 547 pm and the ups store( twenty minutes away) closed at 6. i know the owner of the ups store so i called him and he had no pkg. so today when i went back for the driver follow up i had them sign that they took it to the ups store. after he signed i said thanks and he will be getting a copy of this when the state police show up to conduct an investigation for mail fraud.

    the look on his face was priceless. he stuttered a few minutes then said well let me make sure my wife took it there. low and behold he brings a pkg to the door missing half its contents( makeup of all things). i spoke with the lady who was to recieve this pkg originally and let her know what happened. she says they told her there was never a pkg at all. thing is i have left things there for her before that needed a signature. i contacted my center manager and security person as well.

    i CANNOT stand a thief or a liar. i know nothing will probably come of this but at least i got the last laugh by scaring the neighbor into thinking the state police were gonna come his way.
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    Thats a very interesting story. Makes you wonder about people.
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    Same thing happened to me a few years ago in a small viilage (300 po boxes or so). There were 2 woman with the same name but different po box #'s. A cover driver left a pkg from Passion Parties at the wrong lady's house. Of course I got the driver followup and I went to the customers house and she didn't have it, I then went to the other lady's place and she wasn't home but 1 of the the kids told the baby sitter he knew about the package and went & got it. I thanked them even though the package was open and went back to my package car. When I looked in the box some of the contents had been opened & used.

    I had fun with that night back at the Center describing how I successfully recovered the package even if had been used.

    A couple of days later I delvered the Passion Party lady's replacement order and she gave me a bunch of business cards to pass around in case anyone wanted to Christmas shop!