There was a fire at the hub this morning..

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  1. clever_username

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    First off everyone made it out ok. Not sure on all the details, but it appeared to be a trailer on fire on our west wall.

    I was sorting and around 1:15 am the belts stopped and the alarm started going. I was in the southwest corner of the hub, and our muster area is in the southwest corner of the lot. As we headed out we could see into the hub through the airdock doors. There were flames going up pretty high. We didn't stick around for long since the wind was out of the north @ 30mph.

    The worst part is I had worked twilight, so I was just wearing shorts and a tank top. A cold front came through and the temp dropped 40 degrees. I had no time to grab my hoodie. I froze my arse off outside. Fortunately there were a few package cars waiting to be washed, so those without jackets could get out of the wind. We finally got to leave around 3:30.
  2. clever_username

    clever_username Philosoraptor

    OKC hub fyi
  3. joeboodog

    joeboodog good people drink good beer

    Glad to know everyone is okay. But how are they going to make it the drivers' fault.
  4. clever_username

    clever_username Philosoraptor

    No, blame will probably fall on the loaders if anything. Rumor was that one hazmat leaked onto another. I can't really verify since I wasn't in the immediate vicinity. Only other thing I can think of is maybe an extendo belt somehow caught fire.
  5. clever_username

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    While we were waiting we saw two loaders, the union steward, and a couple full time sup's go back in, perhaps to go over the events that took place.
  6. vowl

    vowl up late

    I work there too, and it was a bitch hanging out in the cold with high winds.
    Local TV report:

    Says that some :censored2: saw a spill and investigated it with a lighter. I imagine that tonight they won't let us in the building with lighters because if there is one idiot we are all idiots. BTW I'm pretty sure all the damaged packages were set to go to Tulsa, OK, but I'm sure this Einstein probably misloaded quite a few packages too.
  7. upschuck

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    Second time in less than 24 hours? You'll be getting some visits soon.

    According to the story, you OKC people sort at a UPS Store. That must be tough. More accurate news reporting.
  8. vowl

    vowl up late

    Our local TV news is crap. I'm not sure they could have made up this absurd explanation for the fire though. It is a BIG UPS store that is very filthy that nobody would ever go to I guess.
  9. Island

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    I remember a disgruntled unloader one time unloaded half an irreg trailer onto the sort slide and not onto his irreg slides, a bunch of hazmats including this huge menacing canister of gas all leaked together (they came down the slide wrecked) and our fire system about lost its mind. Took em half the day to clean it up, and yknow we still get trucks full of hazmats loaded side by side... UPS, where logistics are the last thing we would ever worry about
  10. laffter

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    Yay, Oklahoma in the news. I feel included!

    Around 7am this morning volume virtually died. We barely did anything for about half an hour.
    For those of you who work out of this OKC hub, did all of your volume get processed and make it out? It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours for a trailer to get to Tulsa from OKC. If you guys wrapped up around 3:30am, I don't see how that would have affected us at all, but somehow it did? *shrug*
  11. clever_username

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    I'm going in on twilight today and I'll try to find out more.

    After we were allowed back in, they told us sorters to clear the primaries, work the recycles, and head home. There were still a number of feeders on the inbound when I left.

    There is a UPS store at the west end of our parking lot. HR is in there too.
  12. clever_username

    clever_username Philosoraptor

    I didn't know it had flared up again. A couple guys I sort with are on preload too; bet they loved going back outside.

    The beauty of it is I still got 9 hours yesterday, all thanks to my CHSP meeting.
  13. Island

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    Wow. I hope you spent all that time solving safety issues and not, like, watching movies or something. Whew. lol
  14. clever_username

    clever_username Philosoraptor

    Hah, no, meetings are only 30 minutes
  15. Island

    Island Active Member

    And hopefully you spent those 30 minutes solving safety issues, such as hazmat fires :)
  16. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    Eyewitness reported someone running back into the hub! It turns out it was a supervisor rushing to punch everyone out!
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  17. Dr.Brown

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    it's not a UPS store.. there's a customer counter at west end of property

    80% 53' trailer was dumped into the yard... what a mess... friggin PC smells of smoke

    at PCM, we were sternly told again why you need to know your methods


    and safety tip today...."Quit smoking"
  18. clever_username

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    Great Scot! Well there you have it. Some folks in Tulsa wont be very happy.
  19. Returntosender

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  20. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Does this mean my amazon package of anal lu....I mean socks...will not be coming?
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