"These jobs arent coming back"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 804brown, Jan 24, 2012.

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    Good but long article.

    A question that came to mind while reading the article was, "How many OWSers have technical skills?"
    I would imagine not many if any.

    It's the English majors, the History majors ... in general the Liberal Arts students and graduates that comprise the vast majority of the OWSers.

    I respect and am a bit surprised you posted this link 804brown - hat off to you.
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    On the OWS folks, you are probably right. But that doesnt make them bad or dirty people. They are generally smart and clued in and understand what is going on. They want a better country, they want a fairer economy and a real democracy. To some they might seem like spoiled brats but they are sacreficing alot to do what they have been doing the past 4 months. Some people just look to highlight embarassing things that might occur at some of these occupations (though one must consider the sources of these stories of course). Its wrong . Moreover, there are libertarian-types there too. Ive met some very liberal people as well as radical types (socialists and anarchists) and libertarians.

    I posted the article to start debate about the future of jobs in this country.
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    In a round-about way, I was responding. I'll try and be more direct this time.

    There are thousands of jobs in the Atlanta area right now but no one to fill them.

    These jobs require a technical background and skills.

    The country does not need college graduates with English degrees, or History degrees.
    And some of these unfilled jobs could be filled by people with two year degrees from a Technical School.

    The jobs in the US are trending more and more towards people with hard skills - math, science, technology, etc.

    Also, the first people to get laid off or let go are the people with the soft skill background jobs.
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    This is where I believe Newt said to have the unemployment checks tied to some sort of training. With 99 weeks of benefits, they could get an associate's degree or train in some kind of apprenticeship.

    That way, when their checks run out they will have picked up a skill to fill those jobs.
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    Agreed hoax...long article but very thought provoking.
    I don't understand why it takes a mensa member to replace a cell phone screen.
    I think these people are disciplined to achieve perfection to obtain food and a place to live.
    It is not freedom,just necessity.