They are going to review with me?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by thebrownbox, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. thebrownbox

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    I had 3 misrouts on my truck yesterday but not the only one on the belt with a misroute.. anyways near the end a lady came in with a black device (never seen this one before) and she was checking inside of the truck (I hear she pulls or adds things to a truck if one driver has more/less work) anyways before I left she said I will review with you in the morning..

    Review what? the misroutes?
  2. ups79

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    Your trace. The black box will tell all.
  3. rod

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    They are probably going to tell you what a great job your doiing. It's one of their strong points you know:happy2:
  4. thebrownbox

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    not sure if your joking or not.. but she is over all the drivers.. not sure what you call them at Ups.
  5. Bad Gas!

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    Good one Rod!......Is she your dispatcher?..and is a misroute -a misload or what?
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    Amen! UPS is ALL about recognizing the employee.

    Maybe a nice plaque... a reward certificate... etc..
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    I have plenty to show off! Especially the WAL-Mart Loads :happy-very:
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    Finally she got back to me after a few days... all she did was an audit and told me I had no misloads but only found one package on the wrong shelf.. and I know I put it in that spot and marked it because it would not fit with the damn 23 boxes for one friken stop... most of that crap gets sent back anyways because they decide they don't need it anymore.

    How she got back to me today is when I was loading about 1600 pieces of Closed stops in a trailer and just about when everything was done she was like shoot I need to pull a package out of here..

    I looked at her with a blank look and went back to stacking.
  10. DS

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    Passyouby you are in the wrong profession...haha...
    misload award...I may print a few copies out unless
    its copyrite:wink2:
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    PassYou By,
    I wish I had your skill with graphics. Somebody posted a website on here a little while back that had "Misloader of the Month" and "Leastbest" T-shirts for sale. I thought those were hilarious.:happy2:
  12. PassYouBy

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    Well if anybody wants better copies of MISLOAD AWARDS... Ill send it to ya, or I can post it... High Resolution!
  13. PassYouBy

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    Thats what I would have done! I also have selective hearing!:happy-very:
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  15. PassYouBy

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    Hmmm, that gives me more things to do now.. ( Throw some ideas my way)
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    My loader is the best, hands down. I am lucky enough to say that...but when he was on vacation last week, oy!:knockedout: :sad-very::angry::whiteflag::angry-very2:I had my first and only missed packages in months when he was gone.
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    PYB, post up that hi-res version or PM it to me.
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    We have one of these women who scans the cars looking for misloads, or missorts. Yesterday she walked into my car at 8:50 am, as I was loading my airs in a jammed door to door route. She said she needs to scan the car for missorts......I just looked at her and told her to get lost. I have a route that is heavy on airs and I need to leave. Can't believe they actually needed to do this just as we are getting ready to pull out.
  20. Esty

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    Sounds like she is doing scan checks on your car
    what they do is scan as much as they can on your car before you leave
    then when you return and clock out they run the data from the scan check to what you scanned with your DIAD
    if there is something you didn't scan in your day you will here about it the next morning
    most of the pkg I get called on are pkg's I threw out of the car before I left because they were for a different car