They want to take, so we should take.

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    I know a lot of the posters here do everything by the book. Full lunch, full break, not touching load till start time, walking, 3 points of contact, out of sight out of weather, sidewalks and drives, parking in the safest location, avoid backing by going around the block, follow EDD regardless of the knowledge we have in regards to traffic patterns, schools and such, break off to service pickups in the required 15 minute window and the list goes on.

    However I know a lot of drivers that will cut corners to get home a little earlier or whatever (myself included). But I think it is time we all STOP and do what we are contracted to do. Don't touch the load. Walk at a safe pace. Take the full lunch. Take the full break. Make sure to be square to bulk head door. Make sure the seat belt is fully engaged before moving. Look over left shoulder, left turn signal, left mirror. Lift with a slow steady motion. Check for shifting contents. Don't twist. 3 points of contact. Use the sidewalks and driveways. Break off to get to a pickup in the 15 minute window. Don't back, go around the block. Make sure the package is out of sight. Call for help with all packages over 70lbs.

    If you are a by the book driver, then try to get the one's who aren't to follow your lead. Show them how UPS wants us to pay 90 a week for health benefits.

    For me, I am done giving. I am done justifying my skipped lunch so I can get to my kids school play, I am done giving. I will give them what we are contracted to give. Not one ounce of effort above that.

    This is what the union should be preaching now. They should say 2 things. 1) We will not negotiate until health is off table. 2) Follow the contract and DOK to the T. On top of sending out leaflets with the health proposal, they should also be sending out all the things we are and are not contracted to do. Encourage every single teamster to do what is in the contract and nothing more.

    Rant over.
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    I could justify working thru breaks or setting up my first shelf in the am as I felt I was payed well. I knew I had the best bennies. But, they are going to suggest I pay over 4500 a year out of my pocket (not including deductibles) and expect me to give what i have been giving??

    I say HA

    I will also say they can kiss my white, pimply, sweaty, buttux butter laden, hairy ass to boot!!
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    I had this same thought earlier today. I thought really all we need to do to send a message is follow the contract.

    They would have to hire 5 drivers in my center if everyone went by the book. They already have 3 routes to bid and 3-4 coverage jobs. They bid those and they have no wiggle room.
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    The exact words and number I gave to a fellow driver this evening.
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    The rich bean counters can afford to pay for our health care(soaring stock market and record profits) We the teamsters (middle class) cannot afford it!! VOTE NO AND PREPARE FOR STRIKE!!!
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    It is not a question as to whether we can afford to pay or not (most of us can)---the question is why is a company with record profits in a down economy asking its employees to pay?
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    We use to call those MAD days. METHOD AWARENESS DAYS! Everyone in the center did everything by the book, including having fellow drivers break rtes to help with over 70's. Drove management crazy! I miss those days when we all stuck up for each other, and worked for the greater good!
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    glad you finally got with the program :peaceful:
    We started this in our center the first of the year
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    Agree with the rant with one small exception:

    I will never fully understand or support the willing sacrifice of family time for the job. The 'kids school play' is worth an occasional skipped lunch. Emphasis on occasional.
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    Don't forget to 6 side check every box you pick up!!
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    the companies' goal is profit. the drivers' goal should be providing for his or her family, be safe, arrive home alive everyday.
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    No sales lead?? shame shame on you!!!
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    I've been doing this since the beginning. It's easy since its all I know. You starting to walk the walk will be hard. Good luck to you I hope you stay the corse.