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That robot has a long way to go before it can do all of the stupid * a human UPS driver has to do. Same as those stupid *ing electric wagons that move pizzas or whatever up and down city sidewalks. Same as those drones that can drop 1 pound of cardboard on a target in somebody who lives behind a flaming moat and raised drawbridge's back yard because the hassle would make it impractical otherwise.

Not saying this is you, OP, but people who think UPS drivers are close to robotic replacement do not understand all that the job entails. They have a picture in their heads of what the job is and think the "solutions" they see publicized can or will soon be able to do it. It'll happen eventually, but not soon.


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is that so?

Well.....not so fast:

The end is near!


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So many other uses come to mind before delivery applications would be used, for example; military, healthcare, police force, highly hazardous jobs ect.