Thigh rash

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    I use to workout a lot (pre UPS) and my strongest muscle has always been my legs. Heavy squats/lunges have really built them up. Problem is sometimes when i use to run a lot i would get a rash on my inner thighs from them rubbing because of their size. Normally i would just back off the cardio and do quick short sessions but thats not an option now. I have a small, what seems to be heat rash and not sure how to kick it. I am sure someone here has ran into this before. I tried using Goldbond powder just to help keep the area dry.

    Any tips from the vets?

    I know i am opening myself up but be easy on me , lol. Go upstate !
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    The powder is really the only suggestion, as you've stated. Keeping the area dry, helps as well.

    But theres really nothing that can be done about heat rash. Thats going to happen regardless.
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    don't a lot of men wear spandex shorts for that, like what cyclists wear?
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    I read online that tight shorts/underwear might help.
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    Uhmm, Ya know. Wow, this is too easy. Never mind. It's like Candid Camera is setting me up. This is too easy.
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    Don't restrict the boys.
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    I bring a change of clothes and dry to 'dry off ' at lunch. Gold Bond powder is a must. Keeping dry is the key.
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    go commando make sure you are not using the twinn hill shorts
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    I do a lot of free balling it helps. It also keeps it interesting.
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    I dont have balls but I do have muscular thighs, and I use corn starch, no problem, about 99 cents. Gotta love them farmers.
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    You have the right ideas Inde. I use both powder and compression shorts. Goldbond should work, has for me, but Ammens is even better. As for shorts Wal Mart has their line called Athletic Works and they also sell an inexpensive pair from Starter which have worked good. I hate to spend the $ Under Armor charges on shorts. Shirts on the other hand I'll dig deep for the UA or Nike Dri Pro.
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    Based on my observations over the years, I'd say, "Yes you do have balls Toons ... big balls."
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    Goldbond is absolute crap. You want to use regular foot powder like Lotrimin or Desenex. They even package this now for jock itch but it's the same as foot powder.

    However, since it's been problematic you should go see your doctor and get a prescription for an anti-fungal or corticosteroid/anti-inflammatory cream or combination of such like Triamcinolone acetonide, nystatin, or ketoconazole.

    Supposedly you can get botox injections to stop the sweating which would help a lot, but I haven't looked into it (and not too excited about needles near Angry Inch and the Love Spuds).

    I've spent a lot of time in the South Pacific.
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    LOL, I was gonna crack on this 1 butt, yea.

    Anywho, to B honest, it's Jock itch and it sucks, so bad.

    Football does it and after experience the hard way, UpS drivers 2. it's caused by sweat and chafe skin and it's actually a fungis that feeds on moisture.

    Forget the powders, thats to help for prevention. You already have it.

    Lamisil spray works best. apply it a few days. Once in the morning and once after shower before bed. If it's bad then also get a stick from the back yard to bit into during aplication cause it will burn.

    Lotrimin powder will help prevent it after it's gone.

    It will take mayba a week to get rid of.

    Remember, walk at a brisk pase, don't run or you'll get the itch.
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    This thread has taken an ugly turn. I'm just not comfortable with tooner discussing balls.
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    I get rashes now and then, just the way my skin is. Had to see a skin-specialist a few times in my life.
    First of all, to stop it from happening in the first place, never use extra chemicals doing laundy. Meaning use scent free soaps, and no bounce or downy in the dryer !
    Of course same applies when bathing/showering - no scented soaps - Dove is great !

    Last time I had a rash where you have it (upper thighs, and yes "red" balls), I got it just before vacation to Mexico. What a bad timing I told myself.
    But, once on the beach and in the salty ocean.. it was all gone within the first or 2nd day !

    So, maybe I would suggest taking a bath in salt water ? I can see baking soda working good too, as someone mentioned above.

    Good luck, you should get rid of it soon. Oh yeah, another thing, try to change your work pants daily, too, until it's gone.
  20. TearsInRain

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    stop doing so many leg exercises, do more cardio