Things FedEx Customers Should Know

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    First, our "money-back guarantee". Good luck on collecting for a late pkg. If the plane was late due to weather (frequent) FedEx will invoke the "Act of God" clause and deny your refund. If the courier invents a bogus exception code, you will also be denied. Unfortunately, few customers will push hard enough to find out the reason their pkg was late. For example, if the courier coded an exception due to road construction, you won't find-out unless you ask. If there wasn't any road construction, this is where couriers get into hot water, although it probably won't help you get your money back. Let's say you work at a large industry with security guards and a gate or inspection process. If your 10:30 pkg shows-up at 2:00, it will be coded a "security delay", even if the driver didn't encounter such a delay. Maybe the guard just waved them through, but you'll never know.

    Second, I was once a FedEx "packaging specialist". This meant I took a short online course that instructed me in all the different ways in which I could deny your damage claim. No matter what, I was supposed to deny the claim, based on the fact that you could not have possibly packaged your item well enough to substantiate getting a refund.

    "Insurance" goes hand-in-hand with the packaging scam, because they aren't going to issue a refund unless we actually lose the pkg. Again, your packaging won't meet our "standards" and your claim will be categorically denied.

    Third, your FedEx pkg is going to be handled the same way a UPS pkg is handled. That means it will be thrown, smashed under heavier pkgs on a slide or in a container, and otherwise handled with complete contempt for any labeling you might have placed on the pkg. Orientation arrows, "FRAGILE" stickers? Don't bother. Most ramps are so understaffed that all they care about is getting the pkg into a container and in a truck on it's way to the station. Once a slide gets full, our handlers just throw pkgs on top of other pkgs because they don't dare slow down the belt speed or the all-important pkgs per minute count. No matter that your Grandma's gravy dish was ultra carefully packaged and could withstand almost anything. That 100 lb crate that a handler just launched onto the pile will take care of that. This is why cameras aren't ever allowed at FedEx sort facilities, nor will they ever be.

    Fourth, our billing system leaves something to be desired. ALWAYS check your statement against what you actually shipped. I'm an employee, and have frequently been overcharged for services. Recently I sent a less than 1 lb pkg to a relative, yet was billed for a pkg over 50 lbs. I ship on my own account number and was not only denied my employee discount, but have to fight our Billing Dept to show that my pkg was only 1 lb. Even with my copy of the airbill and the scan showing a 1 lb PO pkg, Billing is still denying my claim. Nice.

    Be aware.
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    How do you go to work each day? I am serious--I have yet to read anything positive from you about either your job or FedEx as a whole. Life is too short to work at a job that you truly despise.
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    You paint with a very, very broad brush. You seem to have libeled FedEx, UPS, and all of their respective employees. Fortunately I think most customers would be smart enough to see what you've written for the drivel that it is.
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    I'm just putting-in my time.
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    You want more pay, yet you attempt to sabotage the company in every way you can rather than trying to improve it (except for your efforts to improve your own pay)....makes no sense man!

    BTW, there are cameras on every slide/belt in the hubs that are monitored from the control room so that they can monitor them for jams, etc. and shut them down/turn them on as necessary....but maybe that's changed since your last hub tour in 1990.
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    Right. I guess the truth hurts. Perhaps the hubs have cameras, but the local ramps have people and no fancy monitoring systems. That's what I was referring to, and that's where your pkg is most likely to get damaged. Ever been to a local ramp where they do minisort? Probably not. To my knowledge, taking pictures of a FedEx sort in progress is forbidden because they don't want photographic evidence of unsafe working conditions or pkg abuse. In a showcase hub, where much of the handling is automated, maybe the policy is different.

    As far as trying to improve the company, that's management's job, because you've made it crystal clear to us dumb hourlies that our input doesn't matter. Judging from the results, you've done a wonderful job. Keep it up and we'll be completely in the toilet instead of swirling around in the vortex.

    Letting customers know how the place really runs is just being honest. In many instances, FedEx applies the same healthy disrespect it has for employees to customers as well. As you "improve" the company, it becomes more and more like Ground every single day. Need I say more? When it hits bottom, let me know.

    In many ways, Fedex is analogous to an 80's era GM car, where management did everything they could to de-content the vehicles and make them as cheaply as possible with the lowest quality materials that the buying public would tolerate. Turned out well,didn't it? FedEx Express is making the same sort of mistakes. Soon, we'll see if the current quality of our product measures-up to the competition. It's increasingly clear that it does not. Maybe you can get a job as a manager at BK or KFC when it all goes boom.
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    Your recent posts MF suggest to me that my tatted-up ex-cons would do just fine at Express just as soon as they learn to cut corners and con the customer.
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    They are the future of FedEx. I'm guessing they're already quite good at conning, so it will all be good. What color do you get when you mix purple and green anyway?
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    I'm hoping more green.
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    And UPS does the exact same thing do they not?I have never had a a problem with a claim from Fedex.
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    Yes. Yes they do.
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    Why don't you stay on the FDX board?
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    Yes MrFedEx, everything that YOU feel is wrong with FedEx is my fault, simply b/c I chose to be a manager. It's attitudes like yours that will do more damage than I could ever hope to do. I try to give a manager's viewpoint to some of these discussions, but they are instantly described as more Company propaganda and BS. If you actually read any of my posts fully, I think you would see that I give full credit to the 80% or so of the couriers that bust their hump and carry the other 20% that are too busy complaining about everything to actually do any work. You say that you do your part and that you are a "7" courier....and that may very well be true, I just don't see too many people that claim to be such model employees doing everything they can to bring the company down. How is doing that going to help your cause of getting better pay/benefits?

    Actually, yes, I have been to multiple smaller ramps and observed the sort. It's one of the joys one gets to partake in as a PM manager.....and almost everyone I have been to has cameras for security/theft purposes. Some are more inconspicuous than others though. Mainly the very small ones that do not have them thee days. Unfortunately, due to the theft of Ipods/Iphones/Ipads, we have had to install them in more and more locations, including stations.

    I don't know what districts/stations you have worked in.....I'm guessing East Coast only b/c I haven't worked there and the Pro-Union attitude, but I have not had the amazingly poor experience you seem to have had here. I have worked in 2 regions, 4 districts, and 6 stations.....never have I been treated poorly by mgmt, threatened by mgmt, or many of the other experiences that you have described. Nor have treated my employees this way. Maybe you have just had bad luck, I don't know, but you seem to have run across every corrupt/unethical/selfish manager in the company in that time. But to convey FedEx in such a way that your experience is what every person/customer should expect at FedEx is just plain wrong. I truly feel sorry that you feel the way you do and that you have to come to work each day at a place you so despise.

    When you generalize and blame "mgmt", I will take offense every time as I fall in to that generalization. It wasn't that long ago that I was a courier, so to say that i think all couriers are dumb wouldn't make much sense for me.....I enjoyed being a courier very much, I was just ready to do something a little more challenging and I didn't want to ruin my back/knees/shoulder before I turned 40, so I went in to mgmt. There are a lot or poor mgrs and I thought I could do better, that was a big reason for doing it too. I have probably made some comments that I could have clarified a bit so that it didn't seem like I was referring to all couriers, so for future reference if I say something negative about a courier, I am referring to the ones that don't carry their weight.

    As far as judging from the results, I'd say we've done pretty damn well. We are consistently voted as one of the best places to work all over the world, SFA results have improved each of the last 3 years, and in a very poor economy we have minimized job losses and remained profitable. But according to you, those numbers are all rigged, so take them with a grain of salt.

    Also, whether you like/believe it or not, FedEx managers find it very easy to get jobs elsewhere as FedEx has a very respected management program and we deal with quite a bit more than most managers at other companies. BK and KFC probably pay better too, so it wouldn't be all that bad.....not everything is about money, sometimes just liking what you do is worth less pay.
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    Well, MF. This thread certainly has turned out a little different than intended, no?:happy-very:
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    Well Ive never worked in any shipping and receiving department, but in my years of being a UPS driver, customers have always informed me that by far UPS was the easiest company to process a claim through. No matter where you are speed is of the essence, every night I walk out of the building and think to myself only if customers could see this. However through conversations that I have had with FedEx Drivers over the years its been made pretty clear to me that your packages could be treated much much better. Mr. FedEx says these things because he has low morale, this is what happens when an employer conitually treats its employees poorley. This is what is FedEx's biggest threat, internal issues will be its undoing.
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    Not really. I just put it out there and wait to see what happens. I'll comment later on FedEx2000 when I have the time. Suffice it to say that he's full of it. If I wanted to go in and film a sort with my personal camera and then post the video on YouTube, FedEx would be OK with that? Not quite. They'd pitch a fit, and I'd get fired for showing the truth.
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    The only 2 things your customers should know is your name and that you care about their business.
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    Yes, I'm obviously full of it, you know, b/c I'm a manager. Filming a sort with your personal camera and posting it on YouYube is very different from what you said earlier, that there are no cameras on the sorts b/c of the throwing of pkgs and general disregard for customer pkgs. Good luck finding and company that will allow you to do that, it's not just us. I'm not saying it doesn't happen by any means....but I personally don't do it, nor allow it on my watch.
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    That's what I've always been saying. They've got plenty to hide, but you're right that few companies would allow you to film. I'm fully aware there are cameras everywhere to make sure that employees stay honest. If I did sneak a camera in and the general public saw the way their pkgs were handled, they would be appalled.

    I've never blamed you personally for what FedEx has become, but knowing what goes on and being a part of it does make you complicit. As I've also said, you seem more decent and competent than most managers I know. I notice you didn't answer another post that dealt with widespread falsification regarding delivery times and working off the clock. Is that because you look the other way too? I've noticed a big push lately to have people sign-off on the 2-5 Acceptable Conduct Policy. Perhaps managers should also be forced to take a look at it and actually follow the policy. As it stands, most of them ignore it except when it comes time to fire someone, then they treat 2-5 like it's a passage from the Bible. Maybe you're one of the few ethical managers out there, but an awful lot of them falsify every day or have knowledge of the massive falsification going on right beneath their noses. Like I said, they "know nothing" until the feces hits the fan, and then they throw the courier under the bus, knowing full well what's been happening the whole time. If it makes the numbers look good, it's apparently worth the risk.

    More double-speak and different application of the same policy to different work groups. In other words, a double standard that management has created by pushing people beyond their reasonable limits and into a situation where they have to falsify to meet standards. What pure hypocrisy.
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    Think you'd have better luck at UPS?