Things sups have done to question their sanity

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    I thought this would be another fun post :happy-very:

    We have free reign of our 'bondable' warehouse. Essentially every driver knows the code, the overhead door is always open and nobody really cares. One morning I came to work and my depot manager tells me, 'you're not supposed to cut through here!' Well, ok, no biggy. 10 min later I see another driver come by, nothing said. I see drivers cutting through there day in and day out with nothing said...Maybe I'm only seeing invisible people?

    I had a sup who wouldn't provide me with a cart (we're real low on cart #'s for some reason) but still expected me to deliver to a mall :biting: I can't tell you how much of a pain it is to mall deliver with no cart!
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    There appears to be a problem with Double Standards in Canada. :wink2:
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    No cart at a mall.... $$CHA-CHING$$.... They would only make that mistake with me once. See you at midnight!!!
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    Yeah the bay door thing is new-you have to use the employee entrance! problem is this door is never unlocked! Well except when safety does an inspection. My DM threatend my center team that if we didnt run scratch by the 1st the whole team would go! Our time studies dont start till Aug! What a luuuser!
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    This morning I the route I was covering was unusually heavy so my sup told me to give 10 stops to the split route ajacent to mine. At 4:00 I got a page saying I was to help the split driver with 10 stops. Guess which 10 I got back......
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    Ok, this is a long story but kind of a funny, good one where nothing goes right. I'm on my usual route on Thurs (Canada day was Wed, holiday here so double dump from you Americans!). I show up to work and 5min before I left the building the spring broke for my back door (It's a 1000 and those doors are HEAVY). Well, I'm NOT about to crossload almost 300pkgs so I said screw it told my sup and went on my way.

    Threw my back out at around 1030 (well, back spasms). Just got back onroad too since had'em at beginning of June, ick!

    Airmeet at around 1115. Got around another 30 stops with about 15 airstops ontop of the 6 I couldn't deliver because the mall in the area doesn't open until 1130. 1130 I start delivering the air...HORAY! Around 10 pieces of late noon!

    Finished around 1900 though. I think the total was around 125 stops with 450pkgs.

    Oh, this is the best part where it shows my depot manager really is insane. Since the back was a reacurring injury that WCB (workers comp) wouldn't cover there was 0 point in reporting it so thought I'd call in Friday and be better by Mon. I had informed a sup all about it and he agreed there was no damn point and just a waste of time. Anyways, we had a parade here so half our depot books off 'sick' (slackers). I get a call by my sup (nice guy) asking me to pleaaaaaase come in and just run some light stuff. I told'em I was hurt but would do what I could. I show up and my arse of a depot manager corners me and says, 'why aren't you on you car?!' I told'em my back was sore again (hurts to check blind spots, so real safe to be on road). I'm asked if I had a doctors note. I told'em no. Then I get a, *angry sigh* 'I'm tired of you self diagnosing, you're not a doctor!' Well, no but I JUST got back from the injury that feels the EXACT same as about a month ago, duh, not rocket science. I'm told I need to fill out a massive pile of paperwork, blah blah blah. Also told, 'I don't have time to argue with you ~I~ need to go onroad since certain drivers decided to call in today' *glares at me*

    Funny thing, he's on vacation for 2 weeks and my sups (who have a brain) said don't worry about it since I'm not seeing a doctor anyways and WCB wouldn't cover anything there's no point. What a freaking maroon.

    I know, when he lectured me about seeing a doctor I should've turned around and told'em I was going immediately to see one and leave'em high and dry :D I was so shocked and peeved that it didn't cross my mind until later though.

    What makes it funnier is that the last time I got hurt (shoudler injury) he was the knob that was leaning hard on me NOT to go to a doctor. I'm constantly told (and all other drivers) that report a injury to please not see a doctor. That the paperwork will be done but it costs UPS $800 everytime we go see a doctor for work related injuries. Just go home, rest, take a few days off (without pay) and see how it is in a few days.

    Hmm, so try to do what he asks and try to do what he asks and both are wrong? I'm so confused :( What do you think? Multiple personality disorder where both of his personalities are an arse?

    Last time I ever help UPS out, that's for sure.
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    Sounds to me like your are very weak to have so many injuries. Have you considered an office job. Don't know how long you have worked for UPS but I doubt if you make it to a pension. Too many injuries.
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    Not many. My shoulder was just tendinitis and the back is recent. Never had back probs before though. Also talking to older drivers back spasms are pretty common. They do the same thing and don't require a note (shocking).
  9. I think we've all missed the most obvious thing that would make you question a supe's sanity.....becoming one in the first place :wink2:
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    A few years ago our center manager denied an 8 hour request of mine, saying he couldn't read my signature and didn't know what driver had submitted it. He then took the denied form and put it in my mailbox.
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    I never heard a sup complain about their job or the ridiculous hours/expectations put on them
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    You weren't provided with a cart on a Mall run??

    I don't throw around the union stuff since I usually handle all of my own problems (that's a new concept to many people)
    this is clearly a situation, aside from the injuries, where you are not being given the proper tools to perform your job in a sfae manner.
    Talk to your steward if it can't be resolved by simpler means.
    Good Luck.
  13. Pump Up The Volume

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    Since there is a dolly (by contractual obligation) put in every truck then what more do you need?
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    Good point, and it will sorely affect your sporhs (if they care) but knowing the Mall runs that are out of out building, if the drivers didn't have the carts they would each have 14 hour days.
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    Since we still do cash cod's here in Canada,you should've taken some cod money and stopped at the home depot,and bought a cart a lock,and a chain.Get a petty cash voucher from the PM sup and attatch it to the receipt,making sure you recorded it under vouchers in the diad,so your turn in will show it.
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    We have a SEVER shortage of carts at our depot (I'd say about only 1/2 of us have one). I know 0 air drivers have them. It's gotten to the point where we actually buy a chain and lock and lock the suckers up in our trucks or to a wall at the end of a shift so they aren't taken by other drivers.

    When you tell a sup you don't have one you're told to look in someone else' car and take one :surprised: (ahem, thieving from an employee?! Isn't this a dishonest act?). Our union stewards have told us to buy the locks and chain and that their solution.

    This is the funny part though. The ONLY time you NEED a cart is if the pkg is over 75 pounds. So, what do you do then? 'Ask someone for help'...Right, because EVERYONE wants to help move the 100 pound pkg, especially the 80 year old woman you're delivering it to. If you're in a mall you can still do it safely...Just 1 pkg at a time, lol. Oh, and if you hit an overweight, call your sup and tell'em he either comes down to help or it doesn't get delivered :D I got that from a union steward too.
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    sup walking on the belt and stuck his hand in roller above him