Things to look at if your in New England or Central States !

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    The Central States Fund and the New England Fund will very likely be in the “Yellow Zone” (also called endangered status) because they are less than 80 percent funded. A Yellow Zone Fund must develop a funding improvement plan. The union can bargain over its terms, so union leadership is critical to protecting members’ interests.
    In the case of Central States, the law actually provides some protection, in a strange way: the union trustees have already agreed to huge cuts in pension accrual, down to one percent of contributions. The law provides that no fund can ever pay less, so it is already at the legal minimum.

    Also, a plan in the Yellow Zone cannot raise benefits until its funding level improves. This makes it critically important to bargain increased employer contributions, bringing part-time UPSers and UPS Freight into the Central States Fund, and to step up organizing as well.

    A strong bargaining plan in the national contracts will be an important factor in ending pension accrual cuts, providing medical coverage to retirees, and protecting our pension plans. The other key is leadership from union trustees, who hold 50 percent control of the funds. Teamster trustees wield 50 percent control of the fund but have not used their authority to counter employers and defend members from benefit reductions.
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    You just stated the case for all at Brown.. Dump the losers and effect positive change for upsers. The reality of UPSF being IBT is near zero.
    It's still Overnite and we kicked the sick donkeys out already. I suggest you redo your financial planning...NO Soc. Security, No Ibt Pension...looks like its in your court? I will never surrender my pension on some hail mary hope we fix the CS plan program.. One bail out Soc. Security is painful enough

    "The Spin Stops Here"!