Things you've done/said to your truck to make people question your sanity...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Mike23, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Mike23

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    Two things here...
    One was the driver that did my current route for 12 years spliced that wires to his radio and connected it directly to the car battery. Apparently this was a common practice at our depot...until some idiot crossed the wires and set the package car on fire.

    Two I just bought an IPOD player for my IPOD. I've now taken to taping my IPOD into it (otherwise my car shakes to much and it pops out...umm, the IPOD, not other things) and then taping it to my dashboard so that it doesn't go anywhere. I tell customers it's my 'tape deck' takes them a moment to get it :D
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    Fire at Riviera Beach building
  3. rod

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    I had a P800 burn up on me one day. You could just watch the wires melt like a fuse. It never did burst into flames but totally destroyed the wiring harness. They brought out a replacement truck and I finnished my route. When I got back to the building it looked like CSI Miami going over my burned out truck. They tried their best to put the blame on me because I ran a radio and they just assumed I had hooked it up wrong. They actually let out a sigh of dissapointment when they found a wire had broken off the alternator and was shorting out. They never did find where my "secret" hook up spot was. (thank God). P.S. Don't ever use a your fire extinguisher inside your package car unless you mean business because they really make a mess.:peaceful:
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    I'm seriously considering doing this to my vehicle. I'm thinking of taking the garbage can home and cleaning it REAAAAAAAAAALLY thoroughly then insulting the sucker and putting a hinge on it with a lid. I'll also insulate the lid of course.

    Then can just bring ice to work and VIOLA! I now have a cooler in my truck for all my water, pop, sandwiches or whatever else I want :D
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    I once had to borrow a P800 from the automotive shop, they really did not like to give them out since so few were actually returned directly to them, which developed an electrical short in the steering column wiring harness.
    And yes I did use the fire extinguisher, and you are correct about the mess.
    The upside was the manager at the automotive shop was impressed that I really brought the car back ( with the wires still burning & all the lights flashing on /off ) and told his crew to let me have a spare anytime I needed one.
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    I'm surprised your extinguisher actually worked!

    I unloaded a regular sized dry chem extinguisher once. You know, the 'regular sized' typical extinguisher? It covered the parking lot and choked me something fearsome. The small ones I'm not too scared of, except for not working.
  7. Cementups

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    I picked up tire shine at the dollar store one day out of boredom. You would suprised how many people notice that your tires area really shiney that day.
  8. Mike23

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    Careful! If you get into an accident UPS will deem it your fault for 'blinding' the other driver with a shiny rim job...geez, that didn't come out sounding well at all either :surprised:
  9. Cementups

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    I would love to have a shiney rim job daily. But evven at the dollar store it gets expensive over time.
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    I was wondering who drove this thing. Nice ride, Cement.

  11. soberups

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    We had one of these things running around our district a couple of years ago. It was a United Way promotion, if you donated $25 to United Way you could use it one your route for a day. I was gung-ho to drive it but I couldnt because I pull a TP-60 and it didnt have a hitch.

    Its pretty slick the way they did it; the flames and NASCAR logo are just peel-off vinyl stickers, and the "chrome" wheels are just plastic chrome-plated hubcaps.
  12. soberups

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    The right and safe way to hot-wire a radio into an 800 is to clip onto the back of the toggle switch for the dome light that is above the bulkhead door. Its a 3-way switch, 2 blades are always hot so you just clip onto one of those and then clip your ground wire to the bracket. The nice part about this method is that the switch itself is fused so if you brain fart and get your wires crossed it wont cause a fire, it will only blow the fuse to the dome light.

    Where people get into trouble is by hooking right on to the battery. If you dont have an inline fuse on your radio and you get those wires crossed it will melt and start a fire. Same goes for the idiots who pull a blade fuse out of the fuse box and run a wire in behind it, you screw that up and you will cause a fire.