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    ok i left my center back in march. on good terms with everyone. lately i been wanting to go back to work there,but i would have to do localsort, because when i left i was on preload and the new job i left ups for is a 7-3:30. anyway what should i do to try and rejoin tha darkside. any help appericate
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    Are you sure you left on good terms ? Just becasue you gave them notice doesn't mean they'll rehire you. If someone didn't like you they could have marjed you file no rehire. Have you called anyone yet to see if they will rehire you ? Like the HR person.
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    Yeah better make sure you have a "positive" rehire status.
    if you are just going in for the sorts go for it... its probably still
    a great workout.
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    I god man, you were free!

  5. klein

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    I agree with you Mike ! But, you need to rethink, he's american, has to think of healthcare coverage.
    That not every company supplies there.
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    Or he can get Micronesiancitizenship. Then he can get free health care from the US government. Apparently 1950/60's when the US conducted nuclear fussion weapons test in the Pacific. The Micronesians got infected by the fall out. So now they get free medical cause of the US tests. It might be easier to get Micronesian citizenship then Canadian.

    If you want to come back for medical insurance on part-time status, that is a good move. FYI in the future parttime insurance is going to change no more family rides for free. Employee is going to have a percentage for family coverage.

    If you want to go into managment? There are certain departments within UPS that you don't pick to be your career. That deparment workload picks you. Attrition happens when you approach retirement age.
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    Why would you do this...

    To qoute Hannibal Lecter: "Fly, fly, fly..."
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    LaUpser did you try to fill out the application on the upsjobs site ?