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    Big news on our UPS front in Calgary.

    The news said to stay away from the roads leading to this monster from about 1430 because traffic was around 1hr 30min - 2 hr wait. At 1720 we got a page asking for people to drive up there to help deliver...hmm...2 hr drive one way for 1 stop (if you even make it there!)? Plus you'd be VERY close (if not over) the 12 hr rule. I'm not even sure how they plan on delivering to it yet. Maybe 1 driver and 1 walker in a five ton for all day?

    They expect 75 000 people to hit the stores from today until the end of the weekend. They had people CAMPING outside the mall because the first 2000 people got tickets to a private Paul Brandt concert.

    I haven't been there yet but I'm honestly kind of scared... :anxious::anxious::anxious: I think I'll go this weekend ... nice and early though.

    If you build it...They will come...
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    what the !@#$#@?

    looking at the photos.

    People wear jackets in August? What world is this?
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    Atleast we always have cold beer handy...LOL

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway... people hasn't seen a mall before, quit building Mega-malls and spend your dollars here in the good ol'e U.S. of A..Eh?
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    We're spending money in the good ol'USA. It's likely 90% of the product comes from there. Canada doesn't make anything except for oil, booze and lumber. Except we don't get paid for our lumber, the US just says, 'yes, we'll pay for it...muahahaha!' and then never do :( We're too gullible up here. We TRUSTED Bill Clinton and George Bush...I mean...we gotta be gullible for that.
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    I agree, just take a look in one of our northern package cars... atleast 70% of all packages are from the states. Residental, and businesses.
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    It's not as if we really make anything here in the U.S. anymore either. Food, wine, Space Shuttles (except for the arm, of course). Took me forever to find a pair of boots made here. And don't even get me started on the UPS uniforms!
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    You make our good ol'e trucks ! :sad-very:
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    Don't insult the man, geez :peaceful:

    I also talked to a sup. Apparently we're not sure HOW we're going to handle this building or how much volume will be required for it. I think 199 stores you need at LEAST a 5 ton (considering what stores are in it) and maybe a helper. I volunteered for the 5 ton duty. A mall all winter without -30 weather?! SIGN ME UP!
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    Bellevue Square Mall in our building has about 180 stores and typically has 3 drivers to do it. All in P1's usually, I think, but sometimes they run a tank car. Might be difficult for one driver and a helper to get all deliveries and pickups done within a reasonable time window, as most retail places prefer deliveries earlier rather than later.
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    I'm sure some of you heard of the West Edmonton Mall.
    Used to be the worlds largest, but they built 2 bigger ones in China.
    It;s still the largest in North America, larger then 'Mall of America" .
    We have 2 or 3 trailers going there everyday, and plenty of walkers.
    Has over 800 stores, and 100 restaurants.
  14. Coldworld

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    klein, please explain these "walkers" your talking about. are they full time drivers??
  15. Coldworld

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    wow, the mall has 2 or 3 of the same fast food chains, mcdonalds, taco bell, dairy queen..nice, never a chance to miss a big mac no matter what level your on.
  16. klein

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    No, they walk thru the mall, with dollies. I know one guy, that started just before me.. he didn't pass the drivers test... so they stuck him in the mall as a walker.
    They hire a lot of seasonal walkers for peak time, as well.

    I guess, it wouldn't be such a bad job, just walking thru the mall all day long, delivering packages. No rain, cold or heat to deal with, and nice girls to look at.
    I think they get the same pay as loaders, not to sure about that, though.
    But, besides the seasonal ones, yes the walkers are fulltime employees.

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    I used to do sherway gardens in toronto.Nowadays they just cube out a P14 and give you a helper.They dispatch the 10:30 commits to another driver,and use excess cars to get rid of what wont fit.Its true that the mall offers year round warmth/and A/C and the eye candy is great,but after a year you feel like a rat in a cage.