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  1. UPS delivery driver flips the bird and throws the package - YouTube

  2. Monkey Butt

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    That's not hand-to-surface but it is a reasonable placement of the package. That will not damage anything in the package.

    Couldn't see the finger ... what's up with that?
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    Not a driver. Driver is still in the cab. Not that it makes it ok but this is a kid who is done being employed by UPS as of tomorrow. No driver would risk their job by doing something that stupid.
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    As I said on the Fedex video, the public just doesn't understand the whole process. Fedex's was much worse, this really is standard tossing which all packages should be able to handle. But when the public see's it, oh my... The thing is ultimately these are individuals doing it, neither company condones this. No one can guarantee a random employee and a random package gets A1 treatment every single time. It's not the world we live in and you can not make rules to eliminate it, in fact you can make conditions worse if you try somehow to stop it, causing more tossing most likely. That is why I think it has benefits for the public to see and understand, pack your stuff well. Business shippers know the rules and should have their packaging tested and they should hold up perfectly from tosses like this.

    I guess TV thinks it can fix this problem reporting it, I think TV must want the 3rd carrier to take care of shipping. Who's the 3rd carrier again? Because I'll go find a video of them mistreating a package. Perhaps transportation should be outlawed.
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    Yep its a helper and it was a box from Zappos. Geez, hope those shoes aren't damaged or scuffed up. :happy-very:

    Its still better than a monitor. That doesn't make it right by any means, but come on, why the bird? Should have just smiled and waved.
  6. I normally place the package on the ground, ring the doorbell. I never throw a package I always bend at the hip when placing a package down, unless otherwise instructed by the customer during the drop. I have had customers to throw a light package over to them or to throw it in something only in their visual periphery at the time. Just because FEDEX is under scrutiny for the tossed electronic package which was damaged, doesn't mean UPS drivers and or helpers are getting away with it. This does not mean I have to do a crappy job of handling packages. I bust my ass for setting a package nicely and respectfully onto the customers property
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    Clearly, its a helper. The driver cannot be held responsible for anything. UPS should have promoted new drivers to perform as professionals instead of digging in the graveyard for temps who dont give a crap.

    The fault lies with UPS management.

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    Let the package do the knocking.
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    The helper works under the direction of the driver. It is hard to tell from the video whether the driver is watching the helper or setting up the next stop(s). If this were my helper and I saw what he did he would have been off the car at that point and I would have called the center.

    I had a customer tell me today that the pkg in the FedEx video was actually a Samsung TV, not a computer monitor.
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    Is this going to be the new thing (videoing delivery men/women) for people who have nothing to do in their boring daily lives?
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    Do the job the way that you are supposed to and none of this would matter.
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    I always pretend the dm is in the jumper seat and I am being videoed everywhere I go. It's just job security
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    I have no problem with catching people doing dumb stuff. The problem lays when a driver does something a customer doesn't understand, a video gets release and everything gets blown out of proportion. Most of the time with the driver feel the brunt of everything.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    In this instance the driver deserves every bit of scrutiny he is receiving.
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    Does anyone else notice that this helper knows that the camera is there. It all seems a little staged. Perhaps driver told helper about the camera, and help wants his 15 minutes of fame on the internet. The fact that he throws the bird right at the camera then throws the box of shoes all seems fishy. And no I don't give a S what is in the box both helper and driver should be fired. Destruction of UPS property is a cardinal sin, and that box is UPS property until customer gets it.
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  17. trouble maker

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    Driver being fired? That's a little harsh. Should be spoken to about how he's training his helper. A good tongue lashing would suffice hear.
  18. rod

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    I bet this guy was delivering to a friends house or maybe even his own house and was just screwing around.
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    Jee glad he wasn't your helper ,or you would be joining the 99% !!
  20. Covemastah

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    Treat every package as if it were Going to a Casey family member and you will have no problems !!!