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    1. Express built this company into what it is. Without Express the 'FedEx' name would not be a household name. Without Express, FedEx would not have been able to purchase and grow its other entities within the corporation. Ground, Home Delivery, Freight, etc.

    2. In regards to marketing terms, Express went from a 'star' to a 'cash cow' and is quickly becoming a dog. Express started out making an excess amount of money with a market that held the possibility of perpetual and infinite growth. That market has shrunk, become stagnant, and shows no signs of becoming what it once was. Through the star phase, express showed profit, grew, and lived a 'lavish' life style. (Nice bonuses, higher tuition reimbursement, didn't really monitor hours, overtime and double time, etc)

    3. The entities purchased and grown while Express was in it's 'star' phase are now moving into 'star phases' from either 'question marks' or 'dogs'. Freight being an example of a dog entity moving towards a weak 'cash cow' and hopefully into a 'star' entity. Ground, without a doubt, is the entity that FedEx views as it's current 'star'.

    4. Ground, the most profitable of all FedEx entities, will be getting the most attention as the board of directors gets upper management to focus on restructering

    5. Corporations don't care what you've done for the company, they care about who currently brings profits to the corporation. Do I believe FedEx owes express employees for their loyalty and sweat throughout the years, yes, but FedEx doesn't and without a union you won't reap any more benefits from FedEx.

    6. Sterotypes exist because they hold some truth. Go into the black ghetto, you'll see more 'mom and pop' chicken stores than in the suburbs. Go look at a cleaning company, you will most likely run into more Mexicans than any other race. Hop over to a gas station, it's most likely owned by a middle eastern person. Does every black person eat excess amounts of chicken, does every Mexican clean for a living, and does every middle eastern person own a gas station, NO they do not. These sterotypes exist because a large number do though. This holds true for ground drivers, a lot look like 'convicts'. unprofessional and a large number are horrible drivers with horrible driving records. I've seen a dramtic improvement in the general appearance of Ground drivers, still not a professional look though, and assume a pattern of growth in this issue. While Ground's driving record is abysmal, there is a very slow improvement in their numbers.

    7. I love how Express personel keeps attacking Ground for their unorganization. While thieir inability to run an efficient company in regards to procedures is apparent, they are slowly attempting to fix soem of these issues. Will this happen over night, no. Have some improvements been in the works for extended periods of time with little to no progress, yes. Keep in mind how unorganized Express is after 40 years in the business. I know some stations who fell far behind during peak, with a weak peak season, you could have swon it was the first one at some stations. Managers still don't communicate properly within their inner circle or with upper management. I mean hell, the District Manager use to put out a monthly report called 'Terry's Monthly', how does PR and the HR department let something like that slip through the cracks? (Still waiting on my friend to get me one she has somewhere at her house). Perfect weather and a lot of stations still get freight late and deliver it late. Keep in mind, while the late arrival allows you to deliver late and not receive any marks, the customer still becomes infuriated as their package still is late and they can request a refund.

    tl;dr; Expres built this company and owes their empoyees; however, this won't happen without a union. The other entities are growing and will receive the attention as they continue to bring in money. Express drivers need to get off the Ground driver's balls, yes they generally suck and the organization needs a lot of work, but Express was a mess when it first started and still has many flaws iteself.

    p.s. Ground drivers need to get off Express's nuts as well, it's not all 'letters' that they deliver. Since express is the household name, a lot of people try to ship freight packages through the express system and a lot more push that 150 lb limit.

    Stop this my sausage is bigger than yours crap. Honestly, if Express didn't exist ground wouldn't be where it is at right now. And if Ground didn't exist, Express would be in a much tougher position than it currently faces.

    It's not all business in here, which is great, but get to working on that Union you old timers and lifers say you want and desperately need, and stop this war between ground and express.

    'Express Employee
    Fedex Stockholder

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    I'm kind of curious as to how you know what goes on at other FedEx stations or how Ground drivers look across the country? I see many more clean cut drivers than those described here who sound like characters in a Mad Max film. I had seen a Ground contractor years ago with colored hair, tattoos and earrings but most have been respectable. And thank you for telling us how we should look at the company. Amazing how someone who hasn't been around awhile grasps that FedEx is just doing what's best for FedEx without having experienced decades of low pay, lies, manipulations. Oh wait, you own some stock and are worried about it's value. How many shares? 10? Yes, we should just accept that it's just the way it is because your stock value might go down a few hundred dollars. Got it.
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    You're right, it's impossible to have family and friends who have been with Express for extended periods of time. So there is no way for me to understand the history of Fedex and the current situations at different stations and hubs. I like to travel and pay attention to Express and Ground drivers while i'm out and about. Why, because I like to see what image is portrayed to the public of the company that pays my benefits, express, and the other company that may hopefully continue its growth to help me retire comfortably. I'm not here to discuss numbers regarding my income, savings, or investments. I tend to see a lot of young drivers for ground, as they work faster and are willing to work for the lower pay in regards to work, and a lot of those youngsters just don't have that profesional demeanor. Will some grow, I believe and hope so. It is also amazing how someone can make up a username, so who knows who they are and how long they've actually been with the company. How new am I? 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years?
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    I hope you have other investments working well for you because counting on FedEx to help you retire comfortably is wishful thinking.
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    Without getting into specifics, I can assure you FedEx isn't the majority or only investment in my portfolio. I hope you have other income working well for you, because counting on FedEx Express to help you maintain your lifestyle is wishful thinking. Especially if you all don't get a union going soon.
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    Question, if you are Rookie, then do us a favor and learn before you speak. Learn the History of Express and its work force that made this company. And I am a part of that workforce and find it offensive when someone new that has NO Clue comes on and starts flapping their gums.....
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    The stockholders don't care about us employees. Therefore I don't care about the stockholders. Life's too damn short for that.
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    As an investor I did my research, as an employee with family and friends that have been with company for quite some time, I understand what went into making the company about 25+ years ago until the present. Did you know falsification and smart/lucky investments early on are what saved FedEx from failure, not the employee workforce itself. There is a rumor that Fred gambled after not being able to make payroll; however, I have never read an article from a credible source supporting the story. I am not saying the workface didn't and hasn't contributed; however, it took outside investments to keep the company afloat early on. It wasn't all Fred and it wasn't all the labor, it was a team effort. There is no doubt in my mind from my assumptions and what I've heard, that the employees from the inception of the company gave more than the company should and could have asked for.

    In regards to my income statement, when is the last time you got serious overtime and double time? Maybe you are the exception;however, a majority of drivers no longer make more than their management. It's the truth, as Express downsizes, it has to cut cost in order to remain highly profitable.

    I remember the Senior Manager stating that Express Saver and 2 day will be phased out with time to ground. I believe him regarding express savers, but I remain skeptical regarding the 2 day freight. Either way, it will be a drop in volume, and that brings a drop of revenue, leaving the company to pinch pennies elsewhere. Will Express die out, I doubt it, but it will most likely never return to what it once was. And neither will the post office, ups, or any other carrier service. A lot of growth is in the hands of the asian markets, which failed in regards to their predictions, but even that is a very volatile market at the moment if you are expecting growth.

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    In our Express station we see not the loss of volume but the lost of "on road" hours. To make that up managers are assigning more am or pm duties so Express drivers can still make their 40 hr work week. If you are a part time driver I don't see the managers getting any opportunities to award full time routes. Fedex is experiencing operational pains just like every other company due to the weak economy.

    The statement above about ES and 2 day moving to ground is simply unrealistic. The Ground division is seemingly doing well with new hubs opening around the country; why would they want to deal with additional volume from another opco? What you see lately is Fedex ground structure finally paying off after entering the ground market in 1999-2000. If we have'nt noticed any kind of improvement by now 2013 including FXO our stock would've tanked to UPS levels.
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    In regards to the statement about ES and 2 day, that's just what our SM told us a couple weeks ago. He didn't have a definite time, only that it wouldn't happen over night, and when it started it would happen slowly. If it doesn't happen great, if it does, it will be a another big dent in express's revenue. I usually take news from management with a grain of salt; however, for him to say something of this magnitude was surprising and made me consider it a possibility.
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    What I don't understand is the entitlement syndrome with some of the current and former couriers that post here. Yes, you worked your butt off for the company, but you were compensated with a regular paycheck. What exactly do you think you are owed?
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    Are you saying because things were tight at the start then Fred and upper management now have the right to rake it in at our expense? And you truly don't know the company as while FedEx will dangle the possibility of double time if you work 6 days on a 4 day schedule they almost never let it happen. And to keep it from happening the week before Christmas they convert 4X10's to 5X8's just for the week. Doesn't stop them from telling people if they'll take a 4X10 shift they'll get double time if they work a 6th day. That's FedEx for you, made promises, like a traditional pension, with no intent to keep their promises. They are only now letting on in bits and pieces about future changes. Think the people who bought a new car or home or have kids starting college could have used that info when FedEx was keeping it under wraps because they still needed us? FedEx has the right to run the company in whatever manner needed to insure the company's viability. They don't have the right to lie to and manipulate their employees. Wasted my most productive years on a bunch of takers, users, and pirates.
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    Lol, Pirates!!!
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    I think if I'm working towards a traditional pension that the company spelled out in detail every year what I would get then I'm owed that. I think if I'm told I will reach top pay in 7 to 8 years then I should be topped out. I was told that over 14 years ago and had heard mgrs telling newhires that for years. Thought that they had stopped that now that it's obvious it won't happen but nope, come to find out recently that newhires, who don't know better, are still being told that. That's pathetic. I guess for those who are in a position to make very good money the only thing that matters is making money.
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    You obviously have selective reading, in my original post i stated you all NEED a UNION to get the benefits you deserve. I said FedEx owes you more then they are giving you (raises and pension for example), but without a union you all won't see anything else from them. Express will most likely not return to the levels of production that it once was at, so they've moved on to the portion of the company that is now bringing in the money.

    For about the last 5 or 6 years it has been hard to get double time let alone over time; however, prior to that it was possible and happened.
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    Maybe happened where you are at. I've been all over the country with FedEx and have only seen double time give a couple of times, and only because of being shorthanded and couriers refused to come in unless they got it. But I apologize, did miss your union statements, out of that context took you the wrong way.
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    My original post didn't say 'raises and pensions'; however, it did state that without a union you all would not get what you all deserve.

    From a business/investor perspective I see why Express is making the cuts it has been making; however, without a union they will take more from you all than they should. No doubt things are going to get tighter, they have to, but without proper represenation it will get tighter than it needs to. Instead of one from you, one from them, they'll take two from you and one from them.
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    I too read that story on how he gambled payroll in the early days. Won and here we are.