This how to light the fire on the middle east

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    This soldier apparently lost his mind.

    House to House

    The soldier went to three houses in the villages of Najib Yan and Alokozai in Kandahar's Panjwayi district and opened fire, according to villagers who spoke to Bloomberg News by telephone.
    "The soldier killed four of my family members including my wife, sisters and a baby nephew," Habibullah Khan said by telephone. "I was out of the district in the city of Kandahar, but when I came back I saw blood and all four people had been killed in their beds."
    The attacker brought 11 of the dead into one home and set the bodies on fire, according to Mohammed, a tribal elder in the district who asked that his last name not be used. The Associated Press and Reuters also reported that bodies had been set alight. AP and the BBC said the soldier was a staff sergeant.
    The soldier is 38 years old and is married with two children, ABC News said, citing a U.S. official it didn't name. The soldier was on his first tour of duty in Afghanistan after three tours in Iraq, according to the report on ABC's website.


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    I'm surprised more of this isn't happening. The troops are getting burnt out being sent back time after time. Time to bring them all home.
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    Canada and Canadians aren't very happy about the issue.
    We were the first to be in that region, we secured it, was under our watch for over 8 years, until we handed it over to Americans.
    Now it seems like, all our work we done there was for nothing.

    I wonder how Americans would act if they were the first to be there, secured it, had it under control, and handed it over to Russians or Chinese. only to hear later on of such a massacre being done by those other soldiers.
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    NO matter what reason BUSH got us into Afghanistan, NOW is the time to get the hell out of there. I dont want to hear anymore expert military blabber mouths tell us why its important to stay in Afghanistan.

    Its time to pack up, send the boys/girls home, take our equiptment and LEAVE. I dont care how it looks. There is no WINNING in Afghanistan.

    Just like the Russians, we got our butts whooooooped. Now lets take our junk and get out of there before it gets any worse. IF Karzai cant control his population and we cant stop killing innocent persons, then it makes no sense to stay in the craphole of a country.

    We never should have been there to start with.

    U.S. Soldier Shoots Dead 16 Afghan Civilians, Military Says

    We are ruining our young men and women and turning them into cold blooded killers. All i need to hear now is that there is going to be a harley ride in this A-holes honor.


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    Massacres are being done their own people. 16 dead, 25 dead, 10 dead. It's in the headlines everyday.
    Same day the soldier acted, there was a suicide bomber killed 16 at a funeral.

    Everybody should just get out, quit sending money and let them all destroy each other. They are not in the same century as the modern world and refuse to move forward.
  6. Guess what, they were not killing each other at this rate before the Americans invaded. Yes I'm sherlock holmes.
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    It's easy to "speak from yesteryear" what ?

    It's now post Amer. invasion. Where we going now? huh? Do we just hang around and see if there's retaliation?
    Do we wait for a formal acceptance of O's apology? Do we wait 'til we're invited for tea? Do we report the gay character on "Shahs of Sunrise" ? Your call, Bogey!
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    What a second? Are you saying the president shouldnt apologize for a massacre by a us soldier paid to protect the innocent women and children of afghanistan while we occupy that country?

    Can you seriously be this flippit?

    This was a mass murder of innocent people, a complete embarrassment to our country and our cause of "spreading freedom". Today, we look like terrorists more than the terrorists do.

    When you you learn to respect innocent life? This latest killing of civilians is another example of why we should start wars with no reasonable goals. You can thank BUSH for starting this mess and I blame OBAMA for not ending it sooner than later.

    When this solder becomes a bunkmate in leavenworth with the other 10 murderers held there, I hope they enforce a death penalty on him. We need to hold our own responsible as the world watches. Today on fox, I heard some military blabber mouth say that this soldier will need to undergo testing to see if he can stand trial for the mass murder. Really?

    The middle east was set on fire yesterday and some other young innocent military person will pay for this crime with his/her life. Someone will get captured, tortured and video'd for all the world to see.

    We need to get out of there immediately. If the taliban take over, so what. They will kill each other. We win.


  9. My proposal is to punish the warlords (bush and his bankers masters). But that will never happen. Vote Ron Paul so he can bring home the troops, that will not happen either. Now we wait for WW3 I guess. :tank:
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    You could throw the guy who did the shooting (who suffered a head injury in Iraq (4 tours) and was cleared for duty) just throw him to the people and they could pull him into a thousand pieces and it still wouldn't be enough. They would want a million more people killed in retaliation.

    These people (and yes, I said "these people") can't be satisfied!! They kill and that's what they do. If they kept a diary, everyday's entry would be "Today I killed Mohammed. Today I killed Sheva. Today I killed Revi......etc."
  11. Cut the hand that feeds... oops that is your hand isn't it?
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    Oh geez, lets start with the justifications for the shootings.. Head injuries, 4 tours, marital problems blah blah blah... the fact is simple. ONE of our own became a TERRORIST to innocent people. Thats how he will be viewed. Thats how the entire military is now painted by the muslims.

    You think for one second they will consider his hardships over the last 8 years? Do you think that matters to them?

    Get serious. Dont make excuses. We at times have been just as much a terrorists to civilians as we claim they are to us.


  13. Moreluck do you actually believe what you just said, think about for a minute this way a Ron Paul example:
    Chinese are occupying here to spread "freedom" in Texas(oil), they "accidentally" shot a few American, please tell me that we or you would do (honestly). Just wait for a Chinese judge to decide what is going to be the sentencing let's say 6 months for that soldier???
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    There is no scenario....this event really happened. You can't apologize to these people.......nothing you do could ever be good when you can't satisfy someone, you quit trying!!
  15. It was just an example for their scenario. So what are we doing there after all??? Please fill me in.
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    How anyone can see a massacre by our soldiers and then say we shouldnt apologize for it is beyond belief. Does humanity exist in our country anymore?


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    Yup, even those pro-lifers find an excuse, even though the majority were small children being shot and killed.

    And innocent women, well they are all sluts and lairs, anyways.
    According to Herman Cain and Rush supporters.
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    Its amazing isnt it, how right to lifers are cool with hundreds of thousands of women and children killed in 2 wars, and when something like this happens, they can justify it by saying "they" deserved it?

    I am shocked.