This Kind of Criminality Should Be Stamped from the Face of the Earth

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. wkmac

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    So evil these folks make Al Qaeda look virtuous. They should lock them up and throw away the key!
  2. Monkey Butt

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    So what's the real reason for this?
    I assume it has to do with the city not wanting homeless people fed so they will go someplace else.
  3. bbsam

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    "The law is the law!"
  4. wkmac

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    They should make homelessness a crime and throw them in jail as well. What's it to me, I have a house!
  5. bbsam

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    There was a Supreme Court opinion several years ago about a public library refusing service to a homeless person. I was happy the day the Court ruled that it is not a crime to be homeless and pleased that we as a society provide such resources for all.
  6. trplnkl

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    This law should go under the same heading as the no dancing law.

    The homeless problem is just that, a problem. Here we have a tent city set up on some undeveloped land. A large number of the homeless there have been given tents to love in, the city supplies and maintains port-a-potties and various citizens and churches provide food . It's not a perfect solution, but I suppose it helps. Many of these homeless are burnt out drug addicts, some are mentally disturbed and wouldn't live in a mansion if provided for them, some just don't want to comply with any part of society.
    I had a friend once that had been homeless here for almost a year, he lived in his car. He said many times that a homeless person living here should never go hungry for all the places that provided free food including the Salvation Army a few churches that operated soup kitchen type of places.

    It is true here as many places across the county that jobs are not all the plentiful, but some do exist. I would bet that a large number of homeless here can't get and hold a job for various reasons.
  7. scratch

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    I have done some volunteer work feeding homeless people in downtown Atlanta and in the city I live in. The City of Atlanta cut off the water for a group that fed homeless people at Peachtree and Pine Streets. What trplnkl stated is true, most of these people have chemical addictions and mental problems. There are all kind of ways that they can enter a program to get off the street, but they chose not too. I pass them everyday as they live under the interstate bridges in Downtown Atlanta. I used to take our kids with us sometimes when we worked at a soup kitchen, it was the best anti-drug class that anybody could imagine. With the economy getting worse, the number of people getting help from our local food pantry has increased steadily the last couple of years.
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    Anonymous Hacker Group Attacking Orlando Websites
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