This peak is ovah!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BigBrown3605, Dec 24, 2012.

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    apparently Fed Ex has logistics issues...
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    119 stops and a couple of clicks under 9.5 and I am done.

    Now, where is that 9.5 list I need to sign.
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    it's a rolling 5 month list here...
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    Peak's over? They must not do the January cuts like they do here then. Peak isn't over here till Feb.
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    I had 192 Friday, they tried to dispatch me with 259 today. I had 17 of my 39 NDA stops pulled off for the split car, still had 242. It looked like they didn't even try to run any of Friday's late air Saturday, I delivered several late paychecks today. When I got back to the building, my supervisor had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to go back out and help the driver next to me, he left the building with 211 stops and still had 60 to go. I declined his request, and I took Wednesday off. The last few years we have had to use Preloaders as Helpers after Christmas for a week or so. I'm looking forward to signing the 9.5 list again.
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    We ran into the same thing. Then today we had several late mis-sorted NDA's arrive around 4pm from one of the hubs. As drivers came in they offered to run them even on Xmas Eve. They were told leave 'em set. Why did they waste time sending a driver to pick them up if they weren't going to deliver them. It looked good on paper that they left the hub. UPS never runs out of places to hide things.
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    Yep I had to help a driver who they didn't try to deliver any of the late air Friday for his route. Then on top of that on Friday they told him to sheet everything left as EC at 5 PM because he had to take other people's sat air back to the building.
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    We were blamed for the air not being delivered Saturday because 'enough drivers didnt volunteer' . I had 220 today,and this was the heaviest Christmas Eve I have ever seen. I'm taking Wednesday off too :happy-very:

    I'm pretty sure I'll be on the 9.5 list second week of January. Grady will be mad at me yet again lol
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    Fed ex is stupid. Moderate that
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    Fedex is a well respected world class courier company.One more comment like that and it's a suspension.:peaceful:
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    Fred smith is a republican scum bag. Relate to that.
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    Seems mgt waited until 8:45am to inform me ( by phone ) that Monday's start time was 9:00am .
    I was lucky to get there by 10 am and finished by 19:45 .
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    He gets a verbal warning first (witnessed by a steward), then a letter of reprimand, THEN a suspension.
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    I knew it was gonna be a bad Xmas eve. I hauled 395% into our center, and greensboro followed that up with 350%. Plus the fact that the weather sucked(rainy and cold).

    I'll bet the ground pounders were out late.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    It was for me @ 20:42 last night. Now the fun will continue half way thru January at least
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    Everyone complains about peak season...I've been with ups for 5 yrs now and it's now different then any other day...All this talk for what, NOTHING!!