This UPS manager wants to work for Fedex now!

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by FedexExEmployee, Sep 3, 2007.

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    I answered his question too! I posted right under your post.
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    Good answers, both of you! I tried to rate you, but it wouldn't let me.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    What makes you think FDX will hire some Ex-UPS Manager?? I doubt they hire outside managers, they hire within after you learn the system (Heard or read that somewhere...)
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    someone gave you some bad bad need to do your own research
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    Good stuff :thumbup1:

    I'm sure when this UPS guy applies to Fedex he will have an obvious plus having manager experience already.

    By that I mean Fedex would already be assured that this UPS manager is most likely the type of PRICK that they need.

    That's the number one requirement actually. You can be intellegent, know the operations, etc...but if you're a "nice guy" , forget it.

    To be a successful manager you absolutely, positively, must be a PRICK to do your job the way Fedex expects. (fake smiles and all)


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    you got that bro applied at fedex and got written up his 2nd day for being late on one of the biggest routes. The manager was fresh as can be and the first convo he has with my bro is a write up, man am I ever glad I didnt pull the fedex trigger. My be nice and clean over there but im fine and comfy in the hole I already dug.
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    guess I'm lucky I've only seen my manager maybe 8 times in the 5 months I've worked for Fred... he runs two stations 200 miles apart... LOL Yesterday he was here, and bought me lunch after my 1/2day ride along, the time before he was cooking BBQ for us after work.
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    I guess they can afford to throw you guys a $400 BBQ every now and then since they underpay you guys by thousands of dollars every year compared to the UPS drivers.
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    Not really, I do half the work I did when I was at UPS, and expect half the pay.
    Kinda nice, only BBQ I had at UPS was 4 hours old, I got a cold hotdog
    and a shove out the door at 9pm when I returned to the building...
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    Plenty of ex UPS suits now work for them. (plenty)
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    explains the prick comments.