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  1. gman042

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    One of our drivers has the misfortune of discovering that a pickup truck will flip a fully loaded P-700 on its side. This occurred in a high school parking lot. The KID(who is legally blind in one eye) hit the UPS truck going at least 30 miles an hour. Our driver tried evasive maneuvers while honking his horn and trying to establish eye to eye contact to no avail. Driver was terminated.
  2. Coldworld

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    So who did the police say was at fault.....if it was the blind student how does UPS justify this unless the UPS driver pulled out in front of the student..
  3. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    Yeah....eye to eye contact isn't going to do stop s driver going 30 in a parking lot...another failed seeing habit. Ups needs to realize that people are so much more aggressive when driving ...but lets blame the UPS driver....please
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    Makes you proud to be an employee...
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    Note to self: When establishing eye contact, make sure it's with the other guy's good eye. :wink2:
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    I heard it wasn't a student that hit the driver but really captain ron.

  7. gman042

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    Oh....let me add. It was 30 and accelerating. Driver saw vehicle at other end of lane when he approached intersection in parking lot. He assumed at normal parking lot speeds that he would clear the intersection before (the KID). He was nearly thru the intersection when he heard the kid accelerate. The souped up pickup truck with GOES FAST emblazoned on the back window struck the UPS truck on the drivers side dual.
    Never....never make assumptions. We are professional drivers and we must out-think everyone else that is behind the wheel of a vehicle. Unfortunately....there are those other drivers that defy logic and common sense that will sometimes get the best of driver.
  8. gman042

    gman042 Been around the block a few times

    Kid was sited for inattentive driving. His second traffic offense in as many weeks.
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    This is just another, but perhaps the best, reason to carry employment isurance.
    Feel free to PM me for details.
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    Don't worry, the union will "step in"

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    Hay me the basics...thanks!!!
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    if the other driver was blind and we made eye to eye contact was it the right or left eye? But im also sorry to here about our driver.
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    any tier 3 intersection accident will get you pulled from road until the accident investigation is concluded, employee should be able to work inside during this time. As long as his accident record is reasonably good, even if he gets terminated (likely) he should get his job back at the local hearing. Knowing the DOK is like an insurance policy at times like this, and its always a part of the accident investigation. I know it's a PITA to learn and retain for many of us (including myself) but it will save your butt at times like these. It's ALWAYS going to be the driver's fault when it comes to intersection crashes regardless of who gets the ticket at the scene if the truck is moving when the crash occurred. We have a circle of honor guy fighting an intersection crash involving someone running a red lite and hitting him. He was never suspended, but worked inside for a few weeks before they charged/terminated/reinstated him in the same day. He's back in a truck now, but is currently appealing the charged accident on his otherwise prefect record.
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    Maybe you mean unemployment.

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    You can get that too, at the same time.