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    I am not hear to bash the company or the IBT, they have been very good too me and my family. But here are the reason's why me and many of my co-worker's voted NO on this revised contract. First, when we had Central states insurance before the company took it over, it was terrible insurance, Central States always lost your claims and would not pay them timely. Second, UPS would be making millions of dollar's in profit and when the contract came up, Central states would cheapen our insurance plans. Third, despite what the union tells you that the Central States insurance plan is completely different than the pension is a false statement. Both the Central States pension fund and the insurance fund are run by the same board of trustees. I ask you my fellow brother's and sister's of why would you want to have the same people running your insurance again, if they did not take care of there fellow member's the first time. Why would you want to invest a single Nichol into a board of trustee's who have already are trying to sponsor a bill in congress to allow them to drastically cut pension's to 10% above the government plan. The harassment at the company is starting to get out of control and 9.5 hours have not even been addressed.

    Why would I or anyone else , who is a teamster at UPS would want to give their insurance money to an organization that has a track record of the like's of Central States. I love being a Teamster and working for UPS but when someone is spending millions of dollar's to tell me that this good for me along with the fact that they are also telling me that we have inhanced your insurance and that you have nothing to fear about, we would never change your insurance is astounding.
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